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Outfit Idea: Traveling In Style

Hiiii friends! We're currently in Hilton Head having an absolute BLAST on our family vacation! Harlow's been a tad under the weather but she's been such a trooper and looooves the beach. I can't wait to do a recap of our trip next week!

Since we're on island time and all I'm going to make this short and sweet but I wanted to share with you a travel outfit I wore on our car ride down to the beach. I think the best way to dress for travel is to keep it simple. Stick to a neutral color palette -- black, tan, gray, white -- in pieces that are comfortable and flattering. THIS is the time to wear your best-fitting leggings or yoga pants, your comfiest tee, and chic flat shoes. Layer on a sweater or travel wrap and you're done!

When I travel on airplanes or in the car with Mike I am constantly freezing! Plus I'm just in a cozier state of mind when I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket. This new cashmere travel wrap is my new favorite item in my closet. It's so soooo soft and can be worn lots of ways. It comes in five colors and is priced under $100 -- a "splurge" that's still very doable and something I'll wear season after season!

BTW, I was on the fence about the mule slide shoe trend I kept seeing everywhere...until I tried a pair on for myself. Ever since I got a pair I've been wearing them every day! Ballet flats just bore me sometimes; what I like about these is that they look trendy with the same easy comfort level of typical flats. And when you're traveling (especially in airports), shoes you can take on and off easily are a big plus!

Thanks for coming by the blog today! I'm posting scenes from our vacation everyday on my Instagram Stories if you wanna follow along! See y'all soon! xxBrooke


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