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Shopbop Sale: $50 and Under

Because I'm HAPPPYYYYY! It's Friday! Okay I'll admit I'm a little less happy than normal because today we have to leave the beach and it's been absolute HEAVEN living the beach life for the last week. Why can't I just live at a resort and play with Harlow in pools with fountains everyday? Wouldn't that be grand? ;D

Actually I'm pretty lucky because I'm leaving the beach and branching off from Mike and Harlow to head to a girls weekend at Lake Oconee! We've watched our hubbies go off on guys trips for years and finally wised up to plan one of our own. I'm suuuuuper excited to do more swimming and lounging and eating and drinking with some of my best gals!

This Friday's frugal '$50 or less' round-up is entirely made up of stuff from Shopbop! Who doesn't love Shopbop....but who sometimes feels a tad priced out? Today is the last day of their End of Summer Sale and if you spend $500 or less you get 20% off with code EOTS17. Some of these picks are already priced under $50 before the discount, and a few are just slightly above but will come in under fifty once you apply the code!

I just got the blue v-neck tee and the white lace-up tee to freshen up my basics rotation and really like them both! The blue one is really soft and is selling out across various retailers. I'm also a sucker for both open back tees and slouchy gray tops so that one is calling my name. And years ago I saw Nicole Richie wear her summery floral maxi dress with a leather jacket and I became hooked -- this red maxi is the perfect piece for a similar boho chic look!

Remember: use code EOTS17 to get your 20% off!

Sale shopping is always a great way to kick off a weekend! Hope you all have some fun plans or some fun non-plans...sometimes doing absolutely nothing is just what the doctor ordered. :D



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