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'90s Florals



Who remembers Delia's, that catalog from the '90s? Man, every time one came in the mail I got so excited -- I felt like it was the place I could buy clothes that made me feel like the girls from Clueless. The chunky Mary Janes and penny loafers, baby doll dresses, mohair had everything that the "look" of the mid '90s was all about!

When I spotted this dress from ASOS it immediately brought back memories of Delia's and '90s floral prints. I'm sitting here trying to articulate what makes a floral print look '90s but words are escaping me haha! Maybe because I'm still trying to get back in my groove after my vacay/girls' weekend last week! I feel like I've been crushing water and eating healthy and my body is still mad at me LOL!

Y'all I cannot tell you how flattering this dress is! And comfortable. It's very stretchy and just moves with your body; it's fitted, but not confining. It would be very friendly to a baby bump and could accommodate it as your bump grows through the fall and winter. It also comes in a Petite size, and in a shorter style.

I wanted to show you a couple ways I'm going to style it as the weather cools off...which it's already doing. Sneakers, oxfords, and booties all look great with it, as do sweaters and moto jackets. It's got so much versatility -- you can basically wear it year round!

One more bonus about this dress is that it's great to travel with. It takes up such little room and bounces back after it's been folded up for awhile. Considering all the styling options, it would be a smart choice to throw in your suitcase.

Had to end on these photos of Harlow running into our photo shoot after she made it very clear she didn't want to be in her stroller anymore! She's got very little patience for it these days, but I don't blame her -- girl is ready to explore the world one little bouncy step at a time! Seriously, what's cuter than a bouncy toddler trot?!

Thanks for spending a little time with me today! Hope you're having a great week so far!



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