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Frugal Friday: All the Fall Feels

Woo hoo we made it to Friday! Shoo this week was a grind trying to get back to reality after vacay and my girls trip. I went to bed early every night and actually started a new book I'm really into! Confession: I like tween novels and always wanted to read the Serafina series because it's set on the Biltmore Estate. I mean, it's no Game of Thrones or anything but I was surprised at how grim and dark some of the parts are! In a kids book! That being said, I'm really glad there are already three of them so I can keep going when I'm finished :D

Fashion-wise, are y'all more into fall now that it's October and the weather changed so much? I love when my seasonal mood changes at the same time good sales start happening (#yaaaas). Nordstrom just marked down a ton of stuff and guess what? LOTS of goodies are now coming in under the $50 mark which means I can share them with you all for Frugal Friday!

That Girl Power tee is calling my name, along with that tie sweater in that brownish oatmeal color -- that color goes with everything! Black or brown/earth tones, and I'm all about versatility. And it looks like I'll be adding my third pair of Adidas to my closet -- I live in my pink gazelles and this neutral pair will go with fall basics and activewear really well. On the subject of shoes, I loooove those white pumps -- they're very on trend and always look so good with sleek black dresses and trousers. That black vest would look awesome over a black dress or all-black outfit with those white shoes. Just sayin' ;D

Have an AWESOME weekend! I'm going flower picking and hanging with my bestie!



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