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Primary Colors

How's everyone's week going so far? Mine's been a mixed bag but no real complaints! Except for this one gigantic spider that keeps showing back up on my kitchen doors no matter how many times I knock him down and throw him in the yard. It's like all the creepy crawlies are coming out right now singing "This is Halloween, this is Halloween." I am not big on decorating for Halloween because I hate scary things, gory things, and anything associated with death and decay; just seeing all the weird costumes and gross decor makes me queasy. I'll be excited when it's all gone -- including the spiders! -- and we can move on to turkeys and sweet potato pie and mulled cider. But I mean obviously I'm exited to dress Harlow up in something totes adorbs ;)

Lately I've been thinking about "fashion rules" and have narrowed them all down to this one important fact: fashion does NOT have rules, merely guidelines. Fashion is a lot like Katherine Hepburn's famous quote: "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." Growing up I heard blondes shouldn't wear yellow and I thought that's just not true! It's fair to say that certain shades don't look great on me, but let's not make blanket statements that all yellow is a no-no for blondies. For instance, pastel yellow may wash me out but marigold and mustard are bold enough to contrast with my hair and skin tone.

Today I wanted to show you two ways I styled my marigold sweater for fall using your favorite colors from pre-school as my inspiration -- the primary color trio: yellow, blue, and red.

LOOK #1: A great way to transition summery dresses into fall before the temps get really chilly is to layer them under a comfy sweater. These rich golds and blues pop against one another so beautifully, but to avoid overdoing it or taking away from them I kept my shoes super simple with a basic white sneaker. This was a casual weekend look for me so rather than add a pop of red with a bag or jewelry I wore my fave bold red lipstick!

SWEATER (old Zara, similar) // DRESS (sold out, similar) // LIPSTICK // SNEAKERS

(PS I'm totally laughing at the difference in photo quality between the photos Mike took above and these I shot super quickly in my backyard ten minutes before I picked Harlow up from school LOL!)

LOOK #2: Another day in the mom life, another casual look! Wearing a sweater with jeans doesn't need any's as basic as it gets. To add a little more excitement, I brought in a pop of red with a burgundy heeled bootie. I matched my lipstick fairly closely to the booties to tie it all together. Those simple decisions -- wearing a burgundy shoe instead of a neutral flat and a pretty lip color -- made me feel a little "extra" that day and put a little hop in my step!


Last year I bought my burgundy booties because I wanted something to liven up my super basic, "breastfeeding mom" outfits. They're still one of my favorite purchases! I highly encourage adding a colorful bootie to your wardrobe to add a little spice to your casual fall outfit rotation. Wear a lipstick in a matching shade to tie it all together from head to toe.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today -- I hope you have a wonderful day!


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