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Weekend Things: The Good and The Bad

Good morning! Doesn't your day dawn a bit brighter when it's Friday? It's like my energy levels go up and my frazzled edges smooth out just because of what day it is. I love it even more now that Harlow is in school because we can take our time on Friday mornings instead of trying to hustle out the door. That being said, I've got a full plate today because I have two shoots this weekend and there's so much to prepare for. Tomorrow I'm doing one mega outfit shoot with my gal Catrina Earls so I've got to get all my looks tagged and organized. Catrina is super efficient so I can't be holding us up digging through bags and trying to find matching shoes haha!

Then on Sunday we're doing a lifestyle shoot with Rose Photo and I cannot WAIT! She proposed this awesome "Day In The Life" concept of me and my family just doing our daily things that are so simple but also special and filled with love. Her work is beautiful; it's just the right "look" for how I envision this shoot to turn out so I'm beyond excited! That being said, y'all know I gotta get my house together. Even if it is an authentic representation of our daily lives, I'm not having junk mail, dead flowers, and rogue food spills show up in our pictures lol! It doesn't have to be perfect, but it can't look like a pig sty.

Some other thoughts from our week...

  • Rarely do I use this space to say something bad but I have to be honest about my recent experience at Tupelo Honey South. The last couple times we've been there, I've walked away feeling like they act like they're doing us a favor by serving us. Questions I have are met with a firm "no, we don't do that" and that's fine and all, but there's no hospitality in their tone. I get that they're very popular and for good reason -- my mac 'n' cheese and fried okra were so good I was sad to get full -- but with all the good restaurants in this town I don't need to spend my money somewhere that doesn't make me feel like they're grateful for our business. Sad times.

  • On a happier note, I did try the Ruby cold-pressed juice at Milk and Honey off of Long Shoals and it was delish! I really liked that I could buy it already bottled for quick and easy carry-out. I want to go back and try some of their food next time.

  • Y'all I'm ub-sessed with the Serafina book series! I raced through the first book and just bought the second one yesterday.

  • Mike traveled to DC for work for two days this week and wouldn't you know my security system went on the fritz at the same time! I always feel nervous when he's away and without that extra layer of security (and the mental comfort it provides me) I didn't sleep very well. Does anyone else feel scared or vulnerable when they're at home alone at night with their kids? I'm a huge worry wart so it's true to form for me to get worked up over nothing...

  • Remember the Scholastic Book Clubs from elementary school? They're still around and Harlow's school participates in it. I've rediscovered books I loved from my childhood that I had forgotten about, like A Chair For My Mother. I'm going to do another toddler book review/round-up soon to share titles we're loving to read with Harlow, and certain types of books we want to include in her library.


As usual, I like to include links to great recipes and reads in my 'Weekend Things' posts. Here are some I've really enjoyed lately!

A few refreshing reads on mommyhood...

  • "It's not that I'm's that I don't want to do it." I loved this mom's honesty as she breaks down how to maintain your sanity through the mundane tasks a mom can never quite seem to finish.

  • Everything in moderation is the key to life, right? This post on "Following, Bending, and Breaking the Mommy Rules" is a refreshing insight on how many women are finding the Goldilocks approach to pregnancy is the best way to survive nine months of food-based minefields.

  • "I'm not 100% organic. In fact, I'm not 100% anything anymore." I LOVED this post by this mom who thought she had it all figured out...until her second child was born and turned all she knew upside down. I think that quote gets to the very essence of motherhood -- you can't be 100% anything with kids because you can't really control who they are or what they'll do or when they'll do it.

Awesome recipes worth trying...

  • These Thai lettuce cups were SO easy and absolutely delicious! I served them with frozen potstickers and the whole family loved it.


Y'all are probably used to my under $50 Frugal Friday posts at this point, but with my computer in the shop I didn't have all my software on hand to put it together this week. But I've still got some super cute pieces to share with you! Not all of them are under $50 but they're not investment buys, either.

  • Looking for a quintessential fall outfit to wear while leaf peeping or to the apple orchard? Put this lacy blouse with this corduroy skirt and top with a navy jacket and tall brown boots.

That's it for today! Hope everybody has a fab weekend! xxBrooke

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