Family Trip to the Flower Farm

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Ahhhhhh you guys!!! This trip out to Lady Luck Flower Farm was like something out of a dream. From the drive out to the actual experience of running through flower fields with my daughter, the whole thing was beyond perfect!

Knowing several florists and creatives around town, I've discovered a few local flower farms that they use in their work and I've been dyyying to go to one! Most (well, all, I think) aren't open to the public for drop-ins, but they usually open a few times a year for U-Pick days where you can fill buckets with tons o' flowers for a certain price. Lady Luck had their last day of the season the first weekend of October and I circled it on my calendar in bright red ink as a must!

I mean sometimes getting everyone in the car and photo ready on a Saturday morning isn't the easiest or most desirable thing to do, but this day everyone was in great spirits and we went on what felt like a true "Sunday" drive even though it was Saturday haha! The drive goes out through Leicester (which I'm not really familiar with) and then turned off into some of the most beautiful, idyllic countryside I've ever seen! Think gingerbread houses, sweeping front porches, shiny horses grazing in was one of those "pinch me, is this real?" moments.

I feel fortunate that we went out there in the age of phone-enabled GPS because good gracious I would've NEVER found this place otherwise! The last turn was on a one-way dirt road and we definitely had to get creative when we met another car coming the other way. But when we got there, we were like hoollllllyyyy heck, this is heaven on earth!

With all the photo evidence, I don't need to explain how gorgeous this place was. The scenery, the sky...the butterflies and bees buzzing around the flowers...I almost wanted to warble a song from a Disney princess to see if a bird would land on my finger LOL!

Harlow LOVED running around the flowers and being a big "helper" by placing the flower stems in the bucket. What a great activity for an almost two-year-old: she got to run around and stretch her legs and get out some energy while also being hands-on. She conked out in the backseat on our way home, so Mike and I got to enjoy the peaceful ride home through the countryside just sipping our coffee and catching up on the week.

So if you live in Asheville or if you're planning a visit, I highly highly recommend you follow Lady Luck on Facebook so that you will know the next time they host a U-Pick day. I even overheard a girl on the phone say she cancelled her standing plans once she heard Lady Luck was open to the public because it's her favorite flower farm! Part of me got jealous as I inferred from her conversation that she's clearly been lucky enough to visit several flower farms in our area -- sign me up!

I wanted to share these photos last week but I couldn't since my computer was in the shop for 8 days. Sorry for kind of dropping off a bit but now it's back and I'm ready to get back to it! I'll be back Wednesday with an awesome fall outfit idea!

Thanks for coming by and have an awesome week!!!




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