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A Blazer's Best Friend

Photography by Catrina Earls

BLAZER (old Zara, similar here and here) // T-SHIRT // HOODIES // JEANS BOOTS

Confession: I was thiiiiiis close to calling this post "in defense of hoarding." LOL! Okay, fine, that's a borderline hyperbolic statement coming from me -- I don't actually believe hoarding is a good thing. I'll be the first to tell you that bi-annual closet clean outs (in conjunction with the spring and fall season changes) are critical to maintaining a working wardrobe that you feel excited by!

I'll also tell you that jackets and shoes are two things you can feel OK about hanging on to.

(And purses, FWIW.)

Provided they're A) in good condition, and B) aren't hideously dated, stylishly classic jackets and shoes work year after year. I've owned these boots and that blazer for several seasons now and they keep coming out every fall. The fact that both are still available for sale -- and that plaid blazers are having a moment right now -- only validates my theory.

So, yes. A good pair of boots and a plaid blazer are both solid wardrobe staples.

But that's still not what this post is about.

Today's post is about another piece you should be wearing with your blazer -- a hoodie!

Call it street style gold or a smart fall layering technique. A hoodie worn underneath a blazer has that "off-duty cool" vibe going on that looks both cozy and pulled together.

You can mix up which blazer you want to wear, but you should DEFINITELY start with a gray zip-up hoodie. The color goes with just about any type of blazer you own: black, navy, plaid, etc.

Try this layering technique with just about any look. Jeans are a no-brainer. It also looks amazing with pencil skirts and maxi dresses. You can do sneakers or boots or mules or whatever shoe you're feeling. It's just a great way to add interest to your outfit by adding texture and color.

Hopefully you found this post helpful and will give this look a try yourself!

Wishing you a wonderful week...and happy weekend eve!


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