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Frugal Friday: Sweater Weather

Happy Friday! We're packing up and heading east to visit family in the Chapel Hill area this weekend. Mike and I may even go the Carolina football game and tailgate a little bit beforehand -- wahoo! I mean Carolina is terrible in football this year but a win-loss record has no bearing on a good tailgate which we miss doing something terrible!

Today's post is all about cozy, comfy sweaters. Gimme allll the sweaters! They're so much more fun than normal this year with all the pretty details and throwback fabrics like boucle and chenille. I just bought sweater #7 and plan on wearing it with a blue plaid scarf and my new gray OTK boots to the game on Saturday. But normally I'll probably style it with a simple pair of blue jeans and some tan mules.

This Frugal Friday edit may prove particularly dangerous to my shopping budget bc there are SO many I love! I really want to get that Fair Isle sweater dress and wear it with a pair of pink booties like these new lace-up ones or this velvet pair for $45.

Is it too early to start putting items on my Christmas wish list??

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be sharing scenes of our trip to Chapel Hill on Instagram stories. Good family, old friends, fire pits, and football. What more could you ask for? ;D


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