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Frugal Friday: Statement Earrings Under $50

We made it to Friday! Thank the heavens! What a week.

I worked with a few clients this week on putting together outfits for an upcoming photo shoot. Actually shoots, plural. While digging away at finding them the perfect styled look, I found SO many adorable pairs of statement earrings that are out right now.

If you're a Disney addict, a cat lady, a lush (haha!), or you just like pretty shiny things, there's a pair of earrings just calling your name. Those emoji earrings are hilarious, dontcha think? I mean, 'tis the season and all, so I have to point out that there are some great gift ideas in here!

PS -- the stellar tassels (#7) are the same earrings I wore to the Chef's Table Dinner at Isa's last night if you were watching my Insta-stories. You can customize them in whichever metal you like (silver or gold) and choose from seven different tassel colors. I loved the red for the holidays, and the length adds a touch of glamour that's just so fun :D

7 Stellar Tassels (customizable metal and tassel colors!) // 8 Bow Ties

9 Martinis // 10 Evil Eye (comes in 3 colors!) // 11 Kitty Cat

Thanks for coming by the blog on your Friday! I'll be back with some new content next week but I'll be honest -- I hit an exhaustion wall yesterday so I'm going to enjoy a relaxing weekend while I can before the holidays crank up! Hope you all get some R&R, too!


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