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3 Pieces For Foolproof Holiday Style

Good morning! We're less than 48 hours away from Thanksgiving and to me that means we can officially talk in terms of holiday style. Great holiday outfits build upon the warm and cozy base we established during fall by adding luxe touches and fabrics. And while that can mean everything from fancy jacquard party dresses to Fair Isle sweaters and sequin stilettos, today I'm sharing three casual pieces you can pull together in a snap and on a dime!

Here are the three pieces you'll need:

A cape + a fur stole + a fall hat

And to keep this short and sweet, here are some quick pointers on why this look is so easy and affordable to pull off.

  • The best capes/ponchos have versatile prints or come in basic neutrals. Many of these pieces below could be worn with black OR brown tones. That gives you great styling flexibility and allows you to make it your own! Have fun with fall/winter tones like navy, burgundy, and blush, too.

  • You don't have to pay a lot for any of these pieces. Both of my capes cost me less than $40, and retailers ranging from Target to Nordstrom sell extremely affordable winter accessories like fur stoles and fedoras.

  • This look is so easy to layer on -- and off! Start with a base layer of a warm sweater and slim pants (more on that next!) and add on your three components. You'll be warm outside and can easily take off the extra layers when you're indoors.

  • Your leggings and denim look dressier when worn with these three complementary pieces. My go-to leggings to wear with my capes are these olive green moto leggings and these velvet leggings (another holiday fabric!)

  • IMPORTANT STYLE TIP: do you ever compliment someone on their outfit and then you wonder what it was about it that stood out to you? Very often, the thing that pulls a look together is that third piece. That extra touch that makes the whole thing look stylish and intentional. All three of these outfit components -- the cape, the stole, the hat -- qualify as third (and fourth and fifth!) pieces!

This outfit formula is a great one to take you all through the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving weekend! A cape makes a great outer layer that you can use as a blanket on airplanes or car rides. And do I need to extol the virtues of a hat on a windy day the day after you had one too many glasses of wine during your celebrations and had to sleep in? I mean...I may know something about that...LOL!

Have a great day!


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