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Holiday Party Dresses

I'll start this post by sharing two truths, one personal and one general. First, it drives me crazy when everyone just wants to wear jeans to all their holiday parties. (Ugly sweater parties get a pass, even if they're a tad stale at this point.) You can wear jeans every single day!!!! Take advantage of the holiday season and wear something that's festive, whatever that looks like for you! It doesn't necessarily mean a fancy dress...though there IS something about a pretty holiday dress that puts a dazzle in your eye and happiness in your heart.

Which brings me to the second truth: a pretty dress is maybe the most fun thing we own in our closets and yet it can be the hardest to find. So frustrating. The biggest tip I have is to choose the right silhouette for your body type and then find a color, fabric, or design that makes you squeal and clap your hands! A shift, a off-the-shoulder or an open back...there's a beautiful dress calling your name!

A few more lovely options that can work not only this year but in holiday season's to come...

I'm in the process of planning a couple holiday party outfits myself and I'll tell you that statement jewelry and sequins are involved! Such a fun time of year to get dressed -- embrace it! I promise you won't miss your jeans :)

You can even use your holiday party dress in fun family Christmas photos! Last year I styled this black cocktail dress with festive, wintry accessories to create a dressy -- and snowy! -- holiday look. Our photo was featured in Shutterfly's 100 Christmas Photo Ideas interactive :D Their interactive is FULL of super fun ideas for holiday photos! You can sort by category, including Family, Couples, Funny, Formal, Casual, and Kids. Lots of good inspiration to be found...

Hope you're having a beautiful day! xxBrooke

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