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10 Snug + Stylish Winter Coats

My mom will be the first to tell you that I'm addicted to coats and jackets. I LOVE how chic they make a winter outfit while also being totally functional, not to mention necessary.

A classic camel coat is a wardrobe staple that goes with everything and every color in your closet. It's a good idea to start with a camel or black wool coat and grow your collection from there. Leopard, velvet, plaid, pastel, jewel tones...there are so many ways to liven up a winter ensem with just a cozy, chic coat!

Each of these coats are so beautiful and will still be stylish year after year. Can you believe that leopard coat is under $60?!

Boy do I need one of these coats today! It is freezing and windy here -- yuck! I can tolerate it while it's the holidays and I can feel all cozy inside with my Christmas movies and gift-wrapping station. But after that....move on outta here old man winter!

Stay warm out there! Happy Wednesday!


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