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Loungewear To Live In

Since becoming a mom, loungewear has taken a whole new meaning for me. Before Harlow was born, I just considered loungewear to be my pajamas or workout clothes or whatever loose clothes I pulled out after a particularly indulgent night of beer and pizza. I mean, I'm a three slice girl so....the pizza belly gets really real sometimes....But seriously though, with Harlow out of school until early next year, I will be living in loungewear for the next several weeks...with a few appearances by some holiday wear in between :D

In this season of life, I need clothes that feel just as cozy as pjs with a slight bit of street cred. Anything I can wear to take Harlow to school in, and then depending on my mood, keep wearing throughout the day and out and about on my errands. Fuzzy slippers and a robe? Maybe not so much. But a pair of soft joggers and a blanket wrap? Now we're talking!

I LOVE all of these loungewear pieces and own a few of them myself, and if I don't currently they're likely on my Christmas wish list. Number two you can wear three ways: as a short cardigan, a long cardigan, or as a cowl neck wrap top. This top would be a fabulous option for expectant or breastfeeding mamas! I wear this top so much I feel like it's always in the laundry haha! Also, anything by the Barefoot Dreams line is a home run. I love their slipper socks (a great value at $15) and their travel wrap (#8) with those convenient pockets is calling my name! My pants don't always have pockets and if they do they're far too tight to fit a playing card in, so a wrap with pockets is awfully appealing LOL!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We're celebrating Harlow's birthday tomorrow!!! How is my baby two year old already? I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing no matter what age she is. We're having a unicorn party for her, just a small gathering with family. Hopefully I'll remember to snap some pics and share next week on the blog!

Happy Friday!


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