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Harlow's Unicorn Birthday Party

Gaaahhh how is Harlow two years old already? I'm fairly certain no parent has ever referenced their child's age without expressing disbelief. But I will say this: the second year flew by in the blink of an eye!

And, again, like many parents, we wanted Harlow's first birthday party to be big and memorable -- I blogged about her one-year Bee-Day and Garden Party earlier this year in case you want to check it out! This year I wanted her party to be smaller scale and more intimate with just family and a few of her favorite things. The theme was unicorns because she loves them and thanks to Instagram you can really find quite a few unicorn themed party supplies for a great price these days!

Affordability was another big factor for me because my piggy bank is more skinny minnie than fat and happy now haha! In one month I have Thanksgiving, MIke's birthday, Harlow's birthday, and Christmas so I am living off of ramen and Progresso soup these days (I'm only half joking...).

I found all of her balloons in one package on Amazon for less than $25! I had to pay to put helium in the mylar balloons at Publix but that was like $10 for all of them. Publix made my cake, too, and while I'll admit the blogger in me wanted some fancy boutique bakery to make it for us so it would be Pinterest-ready, I couldn't resist A) the price of the Publix cake, and B) ordering it while I was already there doing my weekly grocery shopping. You gotta find efficiencies where you can!

The cake was delicious, by the way, and the perfect size. OH! And Publix made the ears out of icing-covered Oreos. Maybe the best thing I've ever eaten in my life LOL!

I'm still laughing at the way Harlow dove face first into her cake! Last year she really didn't have anything to do with her cake so I guess she was just making up for lost time haha. We had to put her brand new Belle dress in the wash immediately because it was covered in blue and purple icing. Luckily it all came out!

Here's a run down of the party supplies I got and a few of her gifts just in case you're still shopping for a little one for Christmas. Harlow is totally obsessed with all of them and has been playing with them non-stop since she opened them. I'm going to post later this week about books to add to your toddler's library in case you're looking for some new reading material. (You can read my first post on great books for toddler's here.)


Unicorn Birthday Balloons (includes Happy Birthday balloon banner and unicorn crown) from Amazon

Unicorn cake from Publix



Harlow's pink unicorn sweatshirt and pom pom tulle skirt are from Zara. Their kids stuff is the BEST! More of my favorite (non-big-box) kids clothing retailers you should know about can be found here.

My pale pink shimmer blouse is my new favorite and on sale for 50% off, bringing it to $30! I included this product shot because you can't see it all that well in the party pics. I get SO many compliments on it and it can be worn year-round.

It's hard to believe (there I go with that phrase again!) that Harlow's birthday has come and gone and now we're exactly ONE week away from Christmas! I'm still finishing up my shopping and then it's on to party prep. We're hosting Christmas morning here at our house and I'm so excited! Some dishes we eat every year as part of our tradition so I'll be shopping for those supplies plus looking for some ideas to try something new. What do you eat and drink on Christmas morning?

Have a wonderful day!


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