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21 Non-Resolutions & Personal Goals


The idea of new year resolutions leaves me so conflicted. On the one hand, I do believe in taking advantage of a collective "reset" and trying to implement some kind of positive change in my life. A little introspection is a good thing and sometimes we just need to call ourselves out and either do better or forget trying to hold ourselves to impossible standards. Example of the former: I need to do a better job of not being such a prisoner of the moment and showing more patience and grace to myself...and sometimes to others, too. Example of the latter: I need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just do my personal best. Even when that means stopping to rest instead of trying to hammer out more work because I think I'm supposed to.

But we have two hands and here's the other one: resolutions can be like trying to deliver a dead pan line without cracking a smile. You try to get through it, but you know you're never gonna make it but you don't really care all that much. Like the fitness thing. That's SUCH a good resolution, right?! Heaven knows we could probably all exercise more and it really does make everything better including both physical and mental fitness. But like...just because it's January and you got some new leggings and a sports bra doesn't mean you're going to go from couch potato to Crossfit queen in two weeks. By mid-February the treadmill lines are gonna back to the way they were before the holidays. Good intentions, things got a little hard, you cared a little less.

So instead, what I like to do, and I invite you to do the same, is to name a few things that fit into each of the following categories:

  • What are some personal truths you're going to own like a boss this year?

  • What changes (however small) can you make in your life to be a happier human being?

  • What are some easy, fun things you should do more of because you always says "I should do that more, that was so much!"?

  • What are some challenges you can set for yourself that you can meet without feeling like a failure if you, you know, fail?

On New Years Day, I had to sit in the car while Mike ran into Lowes because Harlow had fallen asleep on the ride over. It's okay, don't feel bad for me; we were only there to buy air filters and a dehumidifier so really Harlow did me a favor LOL! I thought about all those buckets I listed above and came up with this list of non-resolutions.

  1. Schedule more "me" time for quiet solo activities and not feel guilty about doing them.

  2. Finally watch The Crown.

  3. Block or unfriend negative Nancys and meanies on social media.

  4. Don't iron, it's the worst. (I don't think I've ironed anything in years.)

  5. Keep more snacks in the car for hangry mommy moments.

  6. Buy less "stuff." (This is gonna suck for a stylist/blogger/shopaholic.)

  7. Discover crafts to do at home with Harlow that won't get overly messy and make me stressed out or raise my voice.

  8. Unpack and organize the boxes we still haven't touched from moving into our house over a year ago.

  9. Get better at letting the small stuff go.

  10. Pick up studying French again and consider using some easy words with Harlow to see what happens.

  11. Believe more in my voice, my talent, and my value.

  12. Plan a vacation like a real adult.

  13. Host a true dinner party and cook something by Ina Garten.

  14. Start buying ramen at the Asian market instead of the grocery store.

  15. Remember to use Cartwheel when I'm shopping at Target.

  16. Remember non-resolution #6 when I'm shopping at Target.

  17. Figure out how to film videos for my blog and maybe start a YouTube channel.

  18. Stop apologizing all the damn time.

  19. Stop wasting time and energy trying to control people's thoughts and actions.

  20. Embrace authenticity and remember it can sometimes make others uncomfortable but that usually means it's working.

  21. Find a few babysitters so I can go on dates with my husband and see my friends more.

I think that's more than enough for now! And yes, I do actually have business goals and whatnot but I'm still working on defining those in ways that feel exciting and not intimidating. It's a tough balance to strike between setting the bar high enough to push yourself and setting it too high and feeling shitty when you miss it. For 2017 I set goals small and large and while I didn't hit them all necessarily, I hit some of the bigger ones I didn't think I'd actually achieve for quite some time -- so yay!

What are your real or non-resolutions for the year? Do even set any to begin with?

Who's coming over for some Ina home cookin'? ;D

Hope you're having a wonderful week despite the frigid weather -- get outta here ol' man winter!


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