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New Decorating Project

Hidey ho! (Wow, not sure where that obscure Wilson reference came from!) Anyways, I've decided I want to tackle a decorating project in my living room. We have a corner that's pretty empty that I haven't really known what to do with. It's right next to a cut-out we made into the kitchen during our renovations, and so far all that's there is my Marilyn Monroe painting and Harlow's bear-shaped rocking chair.

I haven't done anything with it because I haven't found anything that fits well for a price I'm willing to meet. But last week I received my latest Target catalog in the mail (don't know what I started getting those but I'm glad I do!) and saw the prettiest pink bench and round mirror in one of their spreads. I have small splashes of pink in my living room already, and I've been wanting a mirror on that exact wall so they both caught my eye -- not to mention the amazing prices.

I dug a little deeper and found both pieces are part of the Project 62 line that's apparently been around for a little while but I just didn't know the name. The aesthetic is pretty midcentury modern with sweet feminine accents like pastel pink pillows in faux fur and velvet. They also make kitchen and bath accessories, and even rugs, but since I'm only decorating a corner in my living room I didn't dig through those for this post.

Can you get over the prices on these things?! Nothing I pulled is more than $250! Actually most things are $100 or less.

Also love the idea of this leaning book shelf

Love the lines of this console table!

I already have a large metal basket in my living room but this gold one is so pretty!

OH! Do you guys know about the two easy ways to take even more money off your tab at Target? (BTW this is not a sponsored post, just sharing the good news.) One -- get a Target RED card. I got the debit card and you can still save 5% off every purchase and get free shipping on online orders. Basically you're giving Target money by not doing this! Two -- get the Target app and create a profile so you can get Cartwheel offers. These are deals available only in the app and you can search them by store section. You can use them both online and in-store -- you just show them to your cashier!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you've been having a great week!


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