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It's Snowing So I'm Shopping

Welp here we are again, living in a snow globe and it would all be lovely if I weren't stuck in the house with a toddler who only gives me five minutes of work time IF I'm lucky. So that pretty much eliminates anything I want to write from the heart or that takes some thought and reflection. Which means I'm just gonna post about some new things on my Wish List because A) it's possible to do and multitask with a toddler, and B) mama may have to shop this frustration out!

Shopping this time of year is kinda annoying anyways because we're all O-V-E-R the winter (today is a good example of why) but it's a tad early to shop for spring, especially if you live in Asheville. The only things I'm really interested in right now are either:

- On sale and a good deal

- A closet staple I can wear year after year

- Functional, like winter gear or activewear

- Just so good I can't ignore it

So I'll hush up now and get on to the good stuff!


I want one of these so bad! I love how they look over simple blue jeans and a tee. Throw on a pair of mules and you've got a clutch everyday look that's cute and comfy! These will go into spring, too, on those days there's a chill in the air but you don't need a heavy jacket.

Fuzzy Longline Line Cardigan (also comes in charcoal gray)


Sometimes I get myself in trouble by buying all the "fun" shoes instead of the basics, but these are on sale and...well...sooo fun! I wear my black studded booties all the time to sass up an otherwise basic outfit, so I'm thinking the brown pair would be well-worn, too.

Oh -- and how about these pearl pumps for $10!?!?!?

Studded Bootie (also comes in black)

Neutral Sneakers

My tenny pump collection is growing faster than it ever has but I wear them ALL the time and year-round! I like the look of a lighter sneaker with lighter colored leggings and jeans, and you can't beat Nike!


It's official: I live in sweaters during the fall and winter. Any kind of sweater -- turtleneck, pullover, sweater dress, name it, I love it!

I love this long sweater bc of the chunky knit and that it's long enough to wear with leggings to cover your bootie!

This cardigan is by Barefoot Dreams who makes THE SOFTEST stuff you'll ever touch in your life! They also rarely mark down their classic pieces and this one is on sale!

Something about this jacket makes me think of Penny Lane or Sienna Miller. It's got that glam-boho-vintage thing going on! I would love to wear it with a skirt, tights, and fun heels!

OMGGGG I almost wish I hadn't found this sweater dress bc I love it so much but it's kinda pricey for me. I just love this shade of pink and that it looks like it's two pieces instead of your typical one long knit dress design.

Love this one too because of the pink and I'm already digging the idea of wearing it with my white Converse.


Don't really need any more jeans but I have worn my olive moto leggings SO much that I figure I could use some olive jeans to have a "true" pair of pants. I always love a distressed jean, too, and these are getting rave reviews!

Winter Gear

I may be the last person on the planet not to own at least one Patagonia jacket and I'd love to change that haha! I actually steal my husband's fleece and wear it around the house all the time so this may be one purchase he'd fully support!

Love the color of this fleece bc it would go with everything -- browns, blues, blacks, and grays.


One day we will thaw out and be able to wear dresses again! These could be actually be worn on a winter day with tights and boots, too. I just love the patterns and the prices!

Crossed Midi Dress (just $23!)

Floral Mini Dress (just $16!)

Hope everyone who's snowed in is safe and warm! I'll be back here sometime in the near future (hopefully) depending on when Harlow can get back to school -- maybe not even this week! (*whines dramatically*) (*puts wine on the grocery list in big red letters*)


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