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Wins & Fails

Last Tuesday was National Pie Day (an Instagram holiday to get behind if there ever was one) and I decided to use it as my motivation for FINALLY trying Baked Pie Company here in Asheville. I love the whole 'pie flight' idea because I'm totally the kind of person who prefers smaller tastes of different things and flavors rather than committing to one giant serving of a single flavor. Turns out the pie flight serves you giant slabs of each flavor you choose so it's basically the best of both worlds haha!

Anyways, I'm always hesitant to take Harlow out for a sugary treat after this one time we got ice cream at Cold Stone and she was caaaraaayzy for the rest of the day and night. Like she didn't know what to do with that big energy surge and crash and I sure as hell didn't! We've given her tastes of sweets intermittently to prevent these types of meltdowns but not a lot at once. So I was kind of nervous about going on a pie date and thought to myself: either this is going to be really cute and fun (WIN) or she's going to go ape shit again (FAIL).

Luckily we had a blast! Baked is legit heavenly (gotta try the s'mores and Atlantic Beach pies) and they have a vintage suitcase full of stuffed animals for small children to take home! How cute and thoughtful is that?! Harlow chose a spotted rabbit that's adorable.

I've learned that anytime we eat sweets we immediately have to go play and run it out. Even though it was pretty chilly we went to the playground and Harlow did the same circuit like 15 times and was still going strong when it was time to leave haha. But we came home, fixed dinner, and she went to bed like a champ. Phew!

And every day since Tuesday she's been talking about pies :D

So while our Pie Day outing went really well, I was equally prepared for it to blow up in my face -- season of life, ya know? Which brings me to my inspiration for this post: do y'all ever have something happen to you and you just laugh at yourself and wish you could tell someone to share the moment, good or bad? I feel like that's gotta be a SAHM's constant reality. I can't tell you how many times I'll say to myself "did that really just happen?" Or "wow that's where I'm at right now LOL!" But then there's also that 'alone at home a lot with a small child' thing that tempts you into oversharing mundane daily things and decisions. This is one of those things haha!

Here are a few random things that happened to me lately that have both made me really happy and humbled me haha!

  • I am FREAKING out about the flu. So much so that I woke up in the middle of the night anxious over not washing Harlow's hands enough during the day. And today I held her out of pre-school because we all know germs spread like crazy in day cares and schools and I just cannot bring myself to put her at risk. But is this really sustainable? I mean flu season still has a ways to go and I can't keep her at home with me for the next two months or so....feeling so anxious and indecisive about this one.

  • The other day I found myself clipping fast food coupons. A) I don't coupon, and B) I don't eat fast food hardly ever (does Chick-Fil-A- really count?) But for some reason I felt the need to get a two'fer on some Arby's roast beef sandwiches and McDonald's Egg McMuffins. Full disclosure: I did eat Arby's a LOT when pregnant with Harlow but I've had like three times in the two years since her birth. But when I get the hankering, might as well save a buck right?

  • For Christmas we got our first set of cast iron skillets and both the southerner and cornbread enthusiast in me was so excited! But jeepers those things are heavy! The very first time I tried lifting it out of the oven I basically dropped it and burned the tar out of my finger. Apparently cornbread making is actually extreme baking.

  • I wrote about this awhile back in this post about embracing my post-baby body, but I've realized lately that I'm so much less hard on myself about my body image and weight than I've ever been. I'm definitely rocking the winter body but instead of feeling ashamed about it I'm just like 'ehh I'll cut some carbs soon.' But not too soon -- no reason to cut them well before bathing suits come knocking on our door haha.

  • Okay so maybe I am starting to dip my toe into the coupon'ing world -- I finally started making use of the Cartwheel offers in my Target app and there are definitely several that apply to items I typically purchase! Between that and the debit Red Card I'm saving at least $20 a month that I was spending for no reason before. Score!

  • After dinner the other night I was sharing a smooch with Mike and being all lovey dovey. When I got up to go put on my pajamas I saw I had a nose crusty and purple wine teeth. Feeling thankful for the power of marriage vows.

  • Do y'all love to watch your babies sleep? I do but it's so hard without risking waking Harlow up. I took a chance the other day and whaddaya know -- the flash went off. And my camera never has the flash on. But of course it did that day. And she did not appreciate being woken up by the paparazzi.

  • Awhile back another mom blogger mentioned she changes her daughter's clothes every day after school to remove any germs that might be on them. I started doing that and it's definitely made a difference! It creates more laundry but it's well worth it!

  • Another thing I read from a fellow blogger was something called the Six Doctors: Doctor Air, Doctor Sunshine, Doctor Exercise, Doctor Nutrition, Doctor Sleep, and...shoot I can't remember the sixth one! She was saying that altogether those six things will keep you healthy and happy and I think that is so spot on! I think I've definitely had a mild bout of seasonal depression -- I'm just so tired of being trapped inside on cold, windy days with nowhere to take Harlow except indoor play places where I'm terrified we'll catch this rampant flu that's going around. FINALLY it warmed up last weekend and I went outside to run in the fresh air and sunshine and it was amaaazing! It lifted my spirits more than anything else has in awhile. Count me in as officially praying for spring. Do the right thing this Friday Punxsutawney Phil!

  • On a similar note, I had planned to take Harlow to the playground the other day but of course it started raining. So we had a kitchen dance party instead and omg we both had a blast! We danced to Madonna, Taylor Swift, Phil Collins (Sussudio was a good one) and a couple Disney songs. I remember being pregnant and dreaming about dance parties with my daughter and it's happening!

  • Last Monday not only was Harlow fixating on my forehead zit but I was checking out at Publix with a week's worth of groceries on the conveyor belt and as soon as the cashier started scanning them I realized I didn't have my wallet. Not only did I not have it, it was in Spartanburg in Mike's car. Thankfully, they know I shop there all the time and they let me go to customer service and type my number in manually. See -- all the online shopping has paid off for moments like these when knowing my debit card number by heart comes in handy!

  • Confession: Harlow is still sleeping in her crib and is still in a (super long) sleep sack. We already bought the rail to convert her crib to a toddler bed but dang I do NOT want to upset this apple cart that is running oh-so smoothly as it is. Her sleep sack keeps her from climbing so that's not a danger at this point. Confession 2: I feel a little better about my decision since Jimmy Fallon said his three-year-old still sleeps in a crib haha! I know we'll have to change it one day but does it have to be now?

  • I stopped pouring over my parenting emails that push arbitrary deadlines on you, like potty training, converting to a toddler bed (see above), and dropping naps. I just don't want "them" to get in my head about what is best for MY kid. I can tell Harlow is not ready for potty training, she's very comfortable in her sleep routine, and naps for about two hours a day, sometimes longer. Arbitrary deadlines, in my mind, contributes to the gross competitiveness parents get over their kids.

  • Serena Williams is one of my idols, like I love her SO much, and she's coming to Asheville for a tennis tournament! Like, I'm freaking out about it I'm so excited! Except tickets are over $1000 a piece!!!!! Ummm, what?! Not only can I not afford that, but I feel bad for all the kids who would love to go see a legend and role model and can't. This is not a personal fail but somebody is failing here!

  • Y'all know I can't finish a post without mentioning some pretty new things I found! I just got this beautiful pink sweater to wear for Valentines and into spring, and I'm loving this pale pink fuzzy tie-back sweater, too! I'd wear it with this scarf, jeans, and mules or loafers for a casual spring look :)

Okay that is enough for now! I'm trying to hammer out several posts for the blog because I know I haven't been as consistent as I was before the holidays. I'm actually working on a post that talks about why that is so hopefully I'll be able to make some good headway today or this week! Although my craziness over the flu and keeping Harlow at home isn't going to do me any's hoping the flu goes away, that we all stay healthy, and we have a great week! Superbowl Sunday coming at us this weekend!


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