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Frugal Friday: A Hint of Spring

HAAAALLELUJAH!!! I'm singing that like a prima donna soprano, loud and clear for all to hear! Because we've finally reached Friday during a week that's been taking us all for a ride on the struggle bus.

Every. Single. Person I've talked to this week has mentioned how chaotic or frenzied this week has been. With all the crazy weather and sicknesses going around nobody can get their feet under them. So while we're all struggling and it sucks there is some comfort to be found in knowing none of us are alone in our inability to find our rhythm. Lets remember to show ourselves and each other some much-needed grace.

And for heavens sakes let's pray for an early spring!!!!!

Today's Frugal Friday picks are all inspired by that beautiful season of flower blooms, blue skies, and warm weather. Sunshine and baby chickens and the smell of grass in the rain. And since it's been awhile, or if you're new to the blog (welcome!!!), all of these picks cost $50 or less. Fashion can be affordable and don't let anybody tell you differently!

Some other adorable affordables I found are perfect for Valentine's Day! Next time you're browsing on Pinterest be sure to check out my dedicated Valentine's Day Pinterest board full of decorations, recipes, gift ideas, photo ops, and outfit inspiration!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Today is my dad's birthday so we're getting the family together to celebrate, and then watching the Superbowl on Sunday! Nothing fancy or big, just probably cooking at the house and staying in. AAAANNNDDD watching Justin Timberlake's halftime show!!!! I saw him on his 20/20 tour and it was the best concert I've ever been to hands down and I've seen a lot of shows. Definitely look into going to one of his shows on this new tour he's launching if you can!

Be back on Monday with a personal post about some recent struggles and overcoming them....


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