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The Best Damn Vegetable Soup Ever

Raise your hand if you make a big pot of veggie soup so you will actually eat your vegetables? I'm so so bad about making sure I eat veggies every day, I'm just not a veggie lover by any stretch of the imagination. And even vegetable soup can be kinda ehh if it's bland or thin.

Most of you probably have your own way of making this soup BUT I promise you if you love soup, vegetable soup, or beef vegetable soup THIS is the recipe you will want to make! I got 99% of it from my MIL, Terry, because she cooked this for Mike and I a few winters back and I remember thinking 'what did she do to make this typically blah soup so dang good??'

Turns out, it's something called Dale's Sauce. It's a brown sauce, technically meant for steaks, and it is full of hearty flavor. In this recipe I use ground turkey instead of ground beef but the Dale's gives the turkey a rich, meaty flavor while you get the lean protein of the turkey.

I should mention now that my recipe is not vegetarian friendly unless you omit the turkey and the Dale's sauce.

Anyhoo, this soup has the richest, most delicious flavor of ANY veggie soup I've ever had even if I did make it myself. And it only takes one pot to make the whole thing! Thirty minutes, one pot, done and done. Thank you baby Jesus for such healthy, quick, and easy recipes!


  • 2 bags frozen vegetable soup mix

  • 1 LB ground turkey

  • 1 TBLS olive oil

  • 1 bottle Dale's Steak Seasoning Reduced Sodium brown sauce

  • 1-15 OZ can tomato sauce

  • 1-15 OZ can diced tomatoes

  • 1-15 OZ can black eyed peas

  • 1-32 OZ carton unsalted beef stock

  • 1 can water

  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Heat olive oil over medium heat. Add turkey and brown, breaking up into small bits as you go.

  2. Once browned, cover in Dale's sauce. The amount is up to you, but the more you use the more flavorful your soup will be. I use enough to just cover the turkey but not fill the bottom of the pan.

  3. Add frozen vegetables, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and black eyed peas.

  4. Cover the contents of the pot 90% of the way with the beef stock. Finish with the can of water. Add more water if necessary. Stir to combine, being sure to scrape the turkey off the bottom of the pot to mix in with the other ingredients.

  5. Bring to boil, then lower to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes. That's it!

Serve with a grilled cheese or even a quick cheese quesadilla to complete the meal and give your kiddos something cheesy to munch on!

Hope you enjoy it!


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