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Pink What You May



COAT (old Zara, similar here and here) // SWEATER (old Banana Republic, similar here) // JEANS // BOOTS // BAG // BEANIE

Question for you: what are your feelings about the color pink?

Pink is one of those divisive colors that people either love or hate. Considering how big blush pink is in just about every category -- fashion, home decor, wine -- if you love it you must be on cloud nine!

I've always loved pink. For myself, for Harlow, and even on Mike. There's something so light and happy and springy about it, it just puts you in a good mood. I get that some people don't like it because they think it's too frou frou or girly girl. I understand that if you're not remotely that type of person you might not be attracted to the color pink. It makes sense. But then there are those who, I think, reject pink because they don't want anyone to mistake them for a princess-loving, damsel-in-distress kind of girl and I think that's unfortunate. Somewhere in there is a prejudice, a snap judgement, an implied dividing line on what makes you the "right/strong" or "wrong/weak" kind of woman.

I noticed this so much more once I had a daughter. I love dressing Harlow in pink! It's soft, and sweet, and I love seeing my baby in cute, adorable clothing! But she also has combat boots and a military jacket. And guess what -- she wears both of those things with pink.

I could be way off here with the reasons behind the pink hate. I know some people just genuinely don't like the color -- hey, I'm not a fan of some oranges, yellows, or greens, and and some browns downright give me the shivers. But it seems pretty clear the pink debate is somewhat polarizing and not as simple as what looks good with your complexion.

But there are just so many wonderful pink things! Pink lemonade, pink cotton candy candy, pink wine, pink frosting, pink flowers, pink shoes, pink jewelry, pink coffee tumblers, pink lipstick, pink pillows...I could keep going. Though I will stop right here to tell you I can't stand pink sports team apparel (excluding Breast Cancer research pieces) even if I do think it's a smart marketing choice.

So I love pink. And I really love wearing layers of pink all at once!

Layering up on tones of the same color is a great way to have fun with a winter outfit. Have you ever noticed some of the most popular outfit photos on Pinterest show women wearing all one color, head to toe? Gray coat, gray sweater, gray jeans, gray heels. Camel coat, camel sweater, camel bag, camel boots (with blue jeans breaking it up a bit and preventing you from looking like you're actually a camel). A full black ensem isn't quite as novel since we've been watching New Yorkers do it for ages...but it's still chic AF!

This look works best with a longer coat as your top layer. Now is a great time of year to get one if you don't already have one, or to add a coat in a new color to your closet! I picked up this Zara coat four (five?) years ago and wear it every winter. I love wearing it as a lone pop of color over head-to-toe neutrals, or as part of a mostly monotone look.

I added the beanie just a couple weeks ago -- a steal at just $13! -- and did so just to cap off (haha, pun intended) my layered pink look. I know it's not an exact match for my coat but that's okay! Similar shades work well, too.

And how about this wall mural?! This one is off of Haywood Road in west Asheville where you can find lots of Instagrammable wall art and murals. Unfortunately so much of Asheville's wall art looks like something you'd see hallucinating on acid (or what I imagine that would be like) and I'm sorry but I just don't want to take pictures in front of a trippy teddy bear with his eyeball hanging out. Yuck.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by today and reading along! Sorry if I offended anyone with my quasi-diatribe against anti-pinkers. I just hate thinking that some people want to size you up for what kind of person you are based on what color clothing you wear. Aren't we trying to work past all that kind of stuff?

Hope you're having a great week! It's almost the weekend and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get out of this house I've been stuck in for SOOOO MANY DAYSSSSS!!!! I'm going so stir crazy...


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