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Quick & Easy Homemade Ramen Bowl

Morning friends! I want to share this amazing ramen bowl recipe with you today because we've been making it on a weekly basis lately. It's just that good. And so incredibly simple! We typically like to eat this on Sunday night when we want some comfort food that's easy to cook, and usually can be made with ingredients we already have and don't have to go to the store for.

Let me go ahead and tell you what this recipe IS and what it is NOT.

This recipe IS way better than the ramen you lived off during college. It gets a ton of flavor from the sautéed veggies, meat (if you want it), plus the velvety deliciousness of the soft-boiled egg. It's filling and comforting, and so quick to make. It's also very budget-friendly.

And did I mention it's dang delicious?

This recipe is NOT authentic. The only ingredients I use from the Asian foods section of the grocery store are sesame oil and soy sauce. There are so many amazing looking authentic ramen recipes but they're often pretty detailed and require a lot of ingredients. These days I just don't invest that much time and money in my cooking, yet I still demand delicious food. So that's how I wound up with this recipe...and I really think you'll like it!

You can totally adapt this recipe to your tastes. Sometimes we add meat, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we use chicken ramen, sometimes we use the oriental flavor. I mean, shit gets crazy LOL.

Let's get down to business....


  • 1 pack of ramen per bowl/person

  • Shredded meat, preferably pork or chicken if you prefer (meat is optional)

  • Shredded carrots

  • Shredded cabbage

  • Sliced mushrooms (shiitake are the best)

  • 1 soft-boiled egg per bowl/person

  • Scallions for garnish

Tip: Be sure all your ingredients are shredded and sliced before you start cooking as it all goes very fast!


  1. You will need two pots and one sauté pan. Fill the first pot about halfway for the noodles. Fill the second pot with 1-2" of water for the egg(s). Bring both pots to a boil.

  2. In the first pot, add the ramen and cook until noodles are tender, about 4 minutes. Do not add the flavor packet to the pot, wait until the bowl.

  3. In the second pot, drop in all the eggs you want to soft boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and let the egg(s) cook for 6-7 minutes. Transfer egg(s) to a bowl of cold water and let rest for 5 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, sauté the cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms in about a teaspoon of sesame oil. Add a few dashes of soy sauce if desired. Cook until fork tender.

  5. Assemble the bowls: pour noodles and water in bowl. Add flavor packet and stir to create your broth. Next layer on your meat if you have it. Then top with the sautéed veggies and scallions. Finally top with egg, sliced in half. Cut into the egg for the yolk to blend into the broth -- so yummy!

I've had a few people try our recipe and they've loved it! Hopefully you will too :)

Thanks for dropping by The Tony Townie today! Have a beautiful day!


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