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Yellow Kimono


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Guess what? I'm wearing a kimono! Again. Y'all it's officially an obsession and I ain't mad about it. My spring uniform is going to look like this early and often:


I shared three different ways you can style a kimono in THIS post from last week! I'm telling you, it's one of the most versatile pieces you can get for spring -- your cost-per-wear will be next to nothing....


Over the weekend Mike and I set out to take a bunch of photos for the blog and Instagram as well as go to Bartaco Biltmore to try the new secret taco they just unveiled. Bartaco often features an off-menu taco and margarita that you only know about if you follow them or certain influencers on social media and they're always AHHMAZING! We "had" to try both of course :) All this sass I'm serving up in these photos is the fault of the happy taco-margarita high I was riding after lunch LOL!

I know we all get a kick out of the "Instagram Husband" memes and hilarious YouTube videos but I have to say I'm so extremely lucky that my primary photographer is my husband. I don't feel awkward or silly in front of him, and if a really bad photo comes out (which inevitably happens, every time) we can just laugh!

Waaaay back in the day, like 2010, Mike gave me our DSLR for Christmas because he had heard me talk about fashion blogging and wanted to give me the right tools to follow my dream. He even designed me a header for my website, which at the time I thought could be called Brooklyn Writes, a play off of my name and the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. (It made more sense at the time because I'd just recently moved back from NYC.) It was this cool blend of the Brooklyn Bridge connecting to the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston (where we were living), with a silhouette of the Blue Ridge mountains in the background. I cried my eyes out. I mean, A) it was really good work, and B) he did all of that just because he believed in me and wanted me to pursue something that put a sparkle in my eye.

Here we are, eight years later (well, a shade over seven), and I'm finally doing it! It was a circuitous route to get here. Before I got started I worked retail, then started my styling business, Joie de Femmes, in Charleston, the we moved, had Harlow, and I rebranded as The Tony Townie in Asheville. I've learned so much and still learn more everyday. For example, today I was learning how to grow my blog via Pinterest and how to create Highlights on my IG profile. Running your own business is awesome because you're your own boss but if it's one thing it is a continuing education. There's always something to learn, try, or grow into!


Speaking of things I want to try, I've got a list growing by the day of things I want to order, places I want to go, that sort of thing. Usually it's time, money, or want-to that affect my decisions on these sorts of things so I thought y'all could weigh in and let me know if any of them are definite must-tries or hard passes. Here are four I'm really curious about right now...

  • I NEED a new home-based workout and I'm seriously considering ordering PiYo. I tried the workout at our local gym and loved it. I like at-home workouts with a schedule to follow to keep me focused....but I don't know if I'm 100% committed yet to justify the cost. But it's getting close to bathing suit season and I'm still hardcore rocking the winter body made by burgers and beer.

  • This summer I want to book a trip with Asheville Glamping! Mike loves camping so much and while I enjoy it, too, I'm not going with a two-year-old. Plus AG's Airstream campers are SO cute, and they even have fancy tents they set up for you. I'm all about it!

  • I've had a jade roller in my Amazon cart like ten times and still haven't pulled the trigger! Ahhh! I see lots of ladies using them on IG but I don't know if they're one of those things I can get for a deal and it'll still be good or if I have to splurge a little...


I know this post hit on a lot of different topics but today was one of those days when I felt like I had everything and nothing to say...if that makes sense haha! Sometimes I write just like I'm talking to you all like we're all girlfriends having a glass of wine or cup of coffee and spilling the tea :D

I know one thing -- I'm glad we're halfway through the week! This Saturday I'll be at Nest Boutique and DIY Studio for their Francis + Benedict fashion presentation that's going to be ahhhmazing. Francis + Benedict curates a collection of gorgeous skirts made by Togolese seamstresses to provide with them with "dignified and sustainable employment." Damn I love a company with a BA mission!

See y'all Friday with a new Frugal Friday post highlighting cute, affordable spring shoes and accessories!


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