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10 Dresses Under $100

We spent Saturday early afternoon picnicking on Biltmore Estate by the lagoon and I can't wait to share the photos we took with you all! Originally we planned to go to Charlotte this past weekend to visit my brother and to take some new family photos with Catrina Earls, one of the BEST family photographers I've ever met! Well....that's didn't pan out. (Long story.) Anyways, I didn't want the pretty clothes and things I bought for the shoot to go to waste so we decided to stage our own family photo shoot and it wound me being the dreamiest thing ever! Our spot by the lagoon had a full view of the rear of the Biltmore House which just made it even more magical. I'll be posting about the whole experience and sharing all the pictures next week :D

The dress I wore may actually by my favorite photo dress ever! You may remember THIS post I wrote last year about my favorite dresses to wear in family photos. I have worn flowy, floaty maxi dresses in several photo shoots so this time I wanted to mix it up a tad. I found THIS sweet dress with the open back and bow and fell in love -- it has just the right amount of casual spring romanticism that I was looking for. I love the style, the length, and the price point; it rings in just under $100. That got me to thinking that I should share some of the other pretty spring dresses I came across for under a hundy.

I am really loving Free People's dress collection right now and they have several options that are right around $100, either a little under or slightly over. A WORD of caution when buying Free People -- read the reviews!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. Some of their pieces run small, run super big, some are very it's very helpful to know what other shoppers think of the piece that the product shot may not reveal. None of that is to deter you from trying Free People's clothing but just something to think about. It's what I do whenever I shop their stuff!

Okay friends, I hope you had a fab weekend and off to a great start on this Monday! Harlow and I have a busy busy week -- fingers crossed I make it to Friday!


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