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Picnic at Biltmore Estate

Dress: Free People // Loafers: H&M // Harlow's Dress: Zara //

Harlow's Sandals: Gap Kids

We took advantage of a random warm day the other weekend to have a family picnic at the Biltmore Estate. I could dedicate an entire post to all the reasons I love the Biltmore. I fell in love with it as a 10 year old, completely enchanted by its fairy tale qualities. I knew I always wanted to get married there, and I did! At the Inn in 2012. Now I love it for how family-friendly it is. We're annual pass holders so we can go anytime we want! If you're local and you have kids, I highly recommend getting a pass when they do their promotional rate. You can see the house anytime, run the trails, bring your bikes, visit the petting zoo, play on the playground, fly kites, so many things!

Okay, so now that my totally unsponsored Biltmore PSA is over, I'll tell you more about this picnic. Whenever I think picnic, I think slow, leisurely, relaxed. I associate European-style light bites with that easy-going pace: some cheeses, prosciutto, fresh fruit, jam, and a baguette. Oh -- and a yummy wine or champagne!

(I should mention here that Biltmore says no outside alcohol on their premises but you can buy some of their wine from the winery or gift shop. I wonder if you just bring their brand on-site what the difference would be....?)

We set up by the lagoon with a killer view of the back of the Biltmore House! Even after all these years, I still get a thrill every time I see it. You just feel like you're in a different time and place picnicking and running through the grass barefoot in sight of a chateau. If I wasn't so close to my family, I would want to live in Europe for awhile, probably somewhere in France or Italy....maybe some day...

So, Harlow LOVED the baguette! Didn't necessarily see that one coming, but she just walked around with it at all times to the point that we had to rip some off of the bottom to get any ourselves haha! She liked the bread, jam, and fruit, but wasn't really into the cheeses. Brie and smoke bleu cheeses are a tad adventurous for a palette used to sliced cheddar and colby. We all love the Imladris Farm jams that are made here locally. My favorites are the blackberry and Berry Best. Oh, and the apple butter! Soooo good!

Once the weather is more consistent I want to go back with family or a big group of friends and just spend the afternoon hanging at the Biltmore Estate. We were in a big field with plenty of room, so we could bring a soccer ball, kites, bikes, strollers, whatever supplies we needed to be sure everyone of any age is entertained! And I mean, every kid I know would absolutely love to run and play and then run over to snack on some food whenever they feel like it. Definitely on the agenda for spring and know...after the cold weather leaves for good and before the oppressive heat sets in.


That's all I've got for today! My next post will be Wednesday and I'll be sharing the inside scoop on this new clothing brand I discovered that's both eco-conscious and geared towards a woman's active lifestyle. Active in the sense of always on-the-go: adventuring outdoors; working out; actively parenting; traveling; and, so forth. It's pretty brilliant.

Hope you have a great Monday to start your week off on the right foot! See y'all soon!


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