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Best Designer Dupe Buys for Spring

Whenever I'm shopping, I've always got my eyes peeled for designer-inspired pieces that I can actually afford. Right now there are so many designer duplicates (or "dupes" as the blogosphere calls theme) for spring that I wanted to share them here with you all!

So here's the thing: some dupes are so dang close to the original you can't really tell it's not the real thing! In the above photo, I've got pieces that are both the real thing and the knock-off. Can you tell which is which?

Below I've got a handy guide to show you just how good some of the spring style dupes are in terms of design and price. Sometimes the difference is hundreds of dollars! Whichever one you prefer or is in your price range, there's an option for you. I am by NO means advocating not buying the real thing if you're able -- I wish I was haha! This is all about proving that chic, fashionable clothing and shoes can be had no matter your budget.


Espadrilles will always be a spring shoe staple. Over the last several seasons, Marc Fisher's high wedges have become the "it" espadrilles. I found these almost identical lookalikes at Target from their new Universal Thread collection. You'll see several pairs of UT shoes in this post and all cost $35 or less.

Cut Out Booties

These cut out booties have been cult favorites for several years. The under-$35 price point for the dupe should allow more women to give these unique booties a try!

Skinny Overalls

Paging eighth grade! I just bought the Madewell overalls and I LOVE them! They fit just right but I did have to size up (I got a medium). Word on the blogger street is the Mossimo pair are pretty awesome, too, and for the price I'd say they're definitely worth a try!

Wooden Ark Bag

Last spring/summer's "it" bag was the Cult Gaia Ark Bag and it appears it'll be just as big this year, too. I own it and can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it. I've never had anything fall through the slats, which is something I always get asked. The dupe looks practically identical and for $100 less!

Did you know Amazon is full of designer knock offs? And not even always designers; there are duplicates of trendy earrings, bags, shoes, practically everything. Word to the wise, the better the knockoff, the more quickly it can get taken down from the site. (I'm sure there's a legal reason, I'm just not sure what it is.) If you see something you like, get it before it's gone!

Strappy Sandals

The big differences here are the heel height and the material of the straps. I bought the Universal Thread pair and found them to be very comfortable and easy to walk in. However, I would recommend the Madewell pair instead to tall women in search of a modest heel. They're just a good deal shorter. Sandals this like -- with the wooden heel and neutral tones -- go with just about everything in your summer wardrobe.

Acrylic Circle Bag

The new Cult Gaia "it" bag is the round acrylic bag with the beaded strap. It's a significant price jump from their wooden ark bag, which gave me extra reason to purchase the duplicate and see what I get. For a tenth of the price I'd say it's worth it, plus Amazon's return policy is great if it doesn't live up to the hype.

Studded Sandals

The rock stud designs has been popular for several years now, and we've seen it on everything from stilettos to sandals to sneakers. I love this chunky sandal in the classic nude. The studs are a fun way to add a little spice to solids or sweet prints. The chunky heel makes these a great option for outdoor weddings and events.

Eyelet Dress

Okay okay, I get that this dupe isn't exactly a steal. But it IS a good deal cheaper than the Ulla Johnson version, and for that it's worth including. Not to mention this dress is just so so pretty! Marigold is a big color this season and is suitable for a wider variety of hair and skin tones than other yellow hues. The eyelet details and ruffle sleeves make this one a stand out.


Mules and slides are still going strong this season, updated for spring in a bright white. They're a fantastic shoe to wear for these in between temperatures, before you start wearing sandals just about every day. I love to wear mine with jumpsuits, jeans, and dresses. They also make really great shoes to slip on before you run out the door for pre-school drop-off or errands.


Okay friends, I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! We'll be spending it here in Asheville with family and friends. Hopefully I'll get some rest to refuel my energy stores before spring break next week, eek! Luckily my MIL is coming in town to help out. We always have such fun together and I'm looking forward to going around town just the girls!

Happy Friday! See y'all next week!


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