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Easy Outfit Idea: The T-Shirt Dress


Bag: Goodnight Macaroon // Denim Jacket: GAP

Most days when I'm getting dressed my mantra is "the easier the better." (I don't even think I wear mascara or a real bra between Sunday and Wednesday!) Before my feet hit the ground in the morning my mind is already running through everything I need to do that day. I just don't have a ton of time to worry over my outfit. How it looks. If I'll be comfortable in it. And yet, I still don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed...even if I did. T-shirt dresses make getting dressed easy peasy. They strike the perfect balance of quick, cute, and comfortable.

Yes, I'm a stylist and a fashion blogger but my main job is mom. If you're the kind of person, like I am, who reaches for leggings and a tank just to have something on that's not pajamas, then a t-shirt dress is the piece for you. It takes zero effort to put on and style. If there's a slight chill in the morning or evening, toss a denim or military-style jacket overtop. Need to dress it up? Layer on a blazer. You can add a variety of accessories to finish the look, from your long layering necklaces to your favorite scarf. If you want to define your figure, just tie your jacket or a long-sleeve blouse around your waist.

Everything about wearing and styling a t-shirt dress is simple, right down to your shoes. I love mine with sneakers, ankle booties, and sandals. You don't even need to worry about your hair. You can hide days-old hair that even dry shampoo can't handle with a fun panama hat or ball cap. T-shirt dresses are quick, cute, and comfy...and cheap. The one I'm wearing here is under $25.

Since this is such a smart piece to buy, I feel totally justified in having more than one in my closet. You can't go wrong with classic white or gray cotton for starters. After that, I love a t-shirt dress with a simple added detail, like a fun print, neckline, or sleeve. Every single one of these t-shirt dresses are adorable AND affordable!

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Thanks so much for coming by The Tony Townie today! If you're on spring break with your kiddos, I hope you're having a wonderful time...but more importantly, I hope you're surviving LOL! Harlow spilled her milk all over my computer yesterday, then got soap in my eyes, and dumped half her snack all over the floor. But she did help me weed the front yard, feed the dogs, and empty the dishwasher. She loves helping right now and I need to get better about inviting her to help me instead of trying to rush through and finish. Does it take any other mamas out there a little time to adjust to new phases?

Have a fantastic day!



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