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Forever Young

Top: GAP // Overalls: MADEWELL // Sandals: TARGET // Bag: Louis Vuitton (vintage, similar HERE) // SCARF (old, similar HERE)

There isn't one piece of clothing that defines my high school style more than overalls. Not to say it's what I wore every day, or what I put on to feel my flyest in the mid '90s. But there was something about them that made me feel cool in that abstract way we define 'cool' in our teenage years.

I lowered the straps so they were kinda slouchy. (I always buckled both straps, though.) I wore them with sandals,, I think? Probably a pair of shoes I ordered from the Delia's catalog. But the BEST part about wearing overalls was twinning in them with your girlfriends!

Do y'all remember making early phone calls before school to your girls to see what they were wearing? Or if they wanted to coordinate outfits? Gah, we did! I remember my girlfriend Katie and I both owned the same pair of black and white railroad stripe overalls from the Gap and we wore the mess out of those things. I wish I still had them!

I mean, I kinda do, but frankly, they'd probably fit all wrong, and I bet the legs would be way wider than I wear now. That's why I LOVE these skinny overalls so much -- the skinny leg makes it so, soooo much easier to wear my normal shoes with them. I did own a pair of distressed overalls with a wider leg that bagged around my shoes and I just couldn't ever find the right shoes to wear with them. (If we're gonna talk fashion history, remember when we all wore bootcut jeans and skinnies started happening and we all freaked out like 'no one's gonna wear those, they look bad anyways.' Look at us now haha!)

Keep reading for tips on fit and how to style skinny overalls....

FIT: These skinny overalls are meant to be more fitted. After reading reviews, several buyers recommended going up a size if you want them fitted but not skin tight. I bought a medium and they fit perfectly. For reference, I'm 5'8" and approx 138lbs.

STYLE TIPS: My two favorite looks for a pair of skinny overalls are A) a feminine blouse and stacked heel sandals or wedges, and B) a simple tee and sneakers. One's classic-been-doing-it-since-grade-school, and one's a little more adult. If you want to dress them up like option A, look for a blouse with a pretty sleeve or shoulder detail that will stand out against the straps and full-body coverage of the overalls.

For a more casual look, I love wearing a colorful pair of sneakers (like THIS blue pair or THIS espadrille sneaker) and then going with almost any tee and a fun pair of sunnies. Using colors, prints, and texture (like the espadrille sole of those sneakers) will make your outfit appear more intentional instead of just haphazardly thrown together.


Alrighty! That's a wrap for today! It's a busy one around here catching up from spring break and getting ready for a jam-packed week. Lots of fun things on the docket though. I've got a party on Wednesday night and I'm scrambling trying to find the right outfit -- ahhh the struggle!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed start to your week!



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