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3 Ways To Wear A Square Scarf

"Three ways to wear a square scarf." Try saying that three times fast LOL!

Seriously though, have y'all noticed silk scarves popping up more recently? I've become a huge fan for how versatile they are, and for the extra pop they give to an outfit or even a hairstyle! There's something sophisticated about them, too. Whenever you think your outfit needs a little something but you're not sure what, see if adding a scarf will help. I suggest wearing a square scarf in any of the following ways:


1 | Lately I've been tying a square scarf around my bun or topknot -- it's such a cute, unexpected way to add detail to your look. Plus it helps hide roots or untucked ends haha. Don't you just love when something about your outfit appears intentional and stylish when in actuality you did it to disguise a little bit of a mess? Hair scarves will do the trick every time!

First, you'll want to lay it out like a diamond and roll it up starting at the bottom corner until it makes a long strip. Next, wrap it around your bun until the shortened ends face the front. Then tie the ends into a knot and adjust them if necessary so that they don't stick out awkwardly.


2 | Wearing a square scarf in lieu of a necklace is a great way to mix up your accessorizing. You can tie it to hang more loosely (like in the middle photo above) or to hug your neck more like a choker.

Roll the scarf like you would for the hair tie option in look number one, especially if you want to wear it in a choker style. Otherwise you can roll it more loosely, or even wear it bandana style if that floats your boat.

Bag Accessory

3 | Tying a scarf on to the strap of your cross body bag or on to the handle of your tote bag is a classic look. Again, it's all about adding a pop of color or print to your outfit. Bag charms have been popular for awhile now, running the gamut from pom poms to key fobs. You can achieve the same result and save money by just using your scarf. It really is such a versatile accessory that you can find for a great price!


I went ahead and rounded up a few square scarves for you all if you want to add one to your accessories collection. I think we've established they're incredibly versatile. They're also very easy to store -- just tie them around a hanger or directly on the clothing rod in your closet to keep them in sight and in mind. You can also roll them up and store in a jewelry travel bag if you want to keep them in a dresser drawer.

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