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So You Need A Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift

DRESS: J. Crew (also comes in blue seersucker) // HARLOW'S DRESS: Gap Kids

In case it skipped your mind, Mother's Day is THIS Sunday. As in four days from now. Don't worry, nobody's fussing at you if you haven't gotten a gift yet. Life gets busy, especially around this time of year. Fortunately for you, I'm here to offer several awesome gift ideas for your gift giving convenience. I would love every single one of these, and not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at knowing what constitutes a good gift...I love giving them!

All of these gift ideas are great for the last-minute gifter. They're all either locally available here in Asheville OR on Amazon Prime. It's an Amazon Prime world and we're all just living in it...or at least just 48 hours from anything we could possibly want or need!

Amazon Fashion is full of amazing brands you like to shop from your go-to retailers, so if you're a Prime member, remember this so you can save on shipping!



Tried + true traditional gifts: Flowers and chocolates may not be original at this point, but they never disappoint. Order Mom a bouquet from daily on-the-go florist Blooms On Tap and gift it alongside a chocolate sampler from local chocolatier French Broad Chocolates. Get in mama's good graces by gifting their 12 month chocolate-of-the-month gift box subscription.

Gifts to pamper busy moms: All moms are busy with a capital B and need a day off from time to time. Any of these pampered gifts will help rejuvenate mommy dearest.

  • Book her a massage and facial at local day spa Sensibilities. With multiple locations, mom can choose the one nearest to her. Less travel time = happier mama.

  • Send her to Wake Foot Sanctuary for a therapeutic foot soak and massage.

  • Schedule a concierge service with Tick Tock Concierge. They help with everything, from grocery runs to dry cleaning pick up to closet organization. Cut an errand or long-standing to-do off of mom's list with Tick Tock's help.

  • Buy her a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and silky new pajamas from Porter & Prince. Throw in a cupcake bath bomb for her next soak in the tub.

  • Pack her an overnight bag for a stay at the Grove Park Inn and Spa. Mom can spend the whole day in the quiet peacefulness of the spa, enjoying hot tubs, saunas, immersion pools, and lounging by the fire in a plush white robe. Their cell-phone free policy forces mom to unplug and really catch up on some self-care.

Gifts for the fashionista: Mamas love to shop, but sometimes they feel guilty about treating themselves when their loved ones are in need. Give mama some shopping money that is all for her to spend on herself! PRO TIP: Give a gift card to her favorite store. Don't think of it as impersonal. A gift card does two things: 1) it forces mom to spend the money on something for herself instead of re-routing it to household needs; and, 2) it takes the pressure off you to pick out the right thing...and it takes the pressure off of her for pretending to like it haha!

Gifts for the active mom: Some mamas like to move it move it! On the trail or in the gym, they love getting out a good sweat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I know gifting a workout plan or membership can feel like dicey territory (i.e. "are you trying to tell me I'm overweight?"), IF she has explicitly mentioned she wants to try a new gym or studio, go for it! Packages and memberships to specialized workout studios are pricey so you can help her wallet and her heart health with this gift.



Get her a gift in two days or less and save on shipping! All of these gift ideas are available via Amazon Prime. I've grouped them into a "experience" packages so mom knows you thought of everything!

Give mom everything she needs for an at-home spa:

Get mom the bag with the shoes, makeup, and jewelry to match:


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today and trusting me to help you pick out the perfect Mother's Day gift. I know she'll love any of these pieces.


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