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Weekend Things

Woooo what a week! I'm having a moment and can't really remember everything that happened because I'm so tired. And pretty down about our AC going out and potentially costing us several thousand dollars to repair. There I was hoping to screen our porch in and get our crazy yard under control but apparently those things are going on the back burner. And speaking of burner, holy hell is it hot in my house!

Anyways, it's Friday so nobody wants to listen to Sally Sad Sack whine about adult life things. Let's talk about fun stuff -- like parties, and breweries, and pretty hikes to pretty places.


BIG BLOG NEWS! I added a new page that will house all of the shoppable items I share in my Instagram stories. Currently I don't have the 'swipe up' capability for easy shopping so I created a place you know you'll always be able to find the item details EVEN after the story expires after 24 hours. You can find it on the blog under the "Shop My Instagram" tab or in my Instagram bio.

Here's a screenshot of where you can find it right here on the blog....

And here is where it will live in my Instagram bio -- second from the top!



Ponies or Tacos? Saturday is a BIG day! It's both Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby. Whether you're choosing one or going all in on both, you can't lose. For the equestrian inclined, there's a Derby Party at Capella on 9 benefitting a great cause.

Beer, sports, and bread. A lot to love on that list, and even more on this list of 10 Things to Do In May here in Asheville.

More beer. On the weekends, chances are you'll find our family at one of the more kid-friendly breweries around town: Sierra Nevada, Blue Ghost, Highland, and Sweeten Creek. Kids or no kids, this handy list of all 30 breweries in Asheville is pretty neat.

Hiking. We want to hike more this summer and are looking at one of those carrying packs for Harlow. This hike to Douglas Falls in Barnardsville is at the top of my list; it's not too strenuous and there's a gorgeous waterfall at the end!



GAP is running a really good sale right now in which everything is marked down up to 50% off and you can take an extra 20% off with code MAY. I love their simple, feminine tops to wear with denim bottoms or colorful skirts.

Any white tee/top that's elevated by some extra detail is a winner in my book! The sleeves and lace-up neckline are so cute and fun. This also comes in pink and blue stripe versions.

I repeat: give me all the eyelet! The pink contrast stitching is so darling. This also comes in all white, too, if you prefer traditional eyelet.

Sometimes we overlook the simple tops that we NEED for versatility. The ruffles prevent this top from being really basic. I would wear this with white denim or colorful shorts. I also love the idea of wearing it with a baseball cap, aviators, and a ponytail to give a girly vibe to a sporty look.

This heat wave though. I went to bed last night overheated, and resolved to add a nightshirt to my summer pajama collection. This t-shirt style nightshirt comes in 15 colors all with a different slogan. I love the 'Weekend', 'The Snuggle Is Real,' and 'Coffee' prints.



Gap Kids is my #1 go-to for Harlow's clothes. They're just so cute and pretty affordable when they run a good sale (like they are now). These are some of the pieces on our wish list.

I'm already thinking what I'm going to do with Harlow all summer long during school break. She loves being outside and helping Mommy with little household chores or cooking in the kitchen. I've picked up a few of these supplies and want to get all of them!

These Zipzicle packs let you squeeze your own fresh juice, freeze it, and serve to your kids popsicle style! Harlow can help me juice and then enjoy a healthy frozen snack on a hot day.

Do y'all know about To-Go Ware? They make awesome portable, reusable meal and snack storage. The two layers let me pack a variety of foods for Harlow when we go out. You don't have to worry about the issues that come with plastic, and it's dishwasher safe.

Harlow LOVES playing with the water hose and sprinkler when it's hot outside. She just loves the water so much. The multiple sprayers on this inflatable sprinkler face in different directions which is great for playing with friends.



Summertime means outdoor living! We have a big multi-level back porch that we want to get outfitted with outdoor furniture this year. There's nothing I love more than eating dinner outside on a summer evening and Asheville's climate is usually pretty friendly for it.

World Market is having their Friends and Family sale offering 30% off basically everything in the store except booze. We've bought a lot of their furniture in the past and been really pleased with it.

I love the color and chair styles of this outdoor dining set.

Happiness is reading a good book on a summer afternoon...and maybe taking a nap while you're at it. I've been wanting an outdoor chaise lounge for so long just for this reason!

We have a long-term goal of screening in our downstairs covered porch. Screened porches are just SO SO nice, and most importantly, keep the bugs and bad weather out. I love putting outdoor rugs on porches and patios, and I really love the patterns of these two!


Thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope you enjoy your Friday and have a fabulous weekend!


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