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Listen, Love, Learn: 4 Podcasts I'm Loving

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Pretty much whenever I'm driving these days I'm listening to a podcast. My library of podcasts ranges from discussions on fashion, to owning a business, to sports talk. I love when I discover a new podcast because I hate running out of episodes to listen to!

And that's just it. I'm in the car every day, running errands, shuttling Harlow around, and I like to listen to something that feels fulfilling and also kid friendly. (Every now and then someone throws in a curse word but they're rare and not any of the really bad ones.) Sometimes I play Disney soundtracks or Harlow's dance party playlist, but mostly I choose podcasts because they make me feel connected. Most of the time I'm either working from home alone or I'm conversing with a two-year-old. Something about hearing people's voices and listening to discussions makes me feel less isolated, like my life, interests, and experiences are relevant to the greater community.

I love these four podcasts so much right now and I think you will too! Here's a little bit about them.

1 | For the history nerd with a Vogue subscription: DRESSED - THE HISTORY OF FASHION. If you love fashion, history, or if you're an avid Mental Floss reader, you'll love this podcast. Their opening line is:

"With over 7 billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day, we all get dressed."

I just think that's such a simple but astounding truth! They delve into fashion as it relates to self-exploration, politics, art, and community. My favorite episodes so far are: 1) the one on Rose Bertin, Marie Antoinette's "stylist." They discuss how influential the fashions of the royals and courtiers were and how it affected European society in a political, economic, and cultural sense. 2) A deep-dive into the histories behind fashion's most famous logos like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lanvin, and Louboutin. Teaser: did you know Chanel's interlocking 'CC' logo does not necessarily stand for Coco Chanel? There are several theories on it!

2 | For the closet bad book addict who loves Gossip Girl: YOUNG ADULTING PODCAST. Okay this one just feels like you're talking to your girlfriends. Becca and Grace (the blogger behind The Stripe) talk about so many topics relevant to women trying to figure out the whole adulting thing. How to navigate friendships if they've become toxic, trying to stay educated on the pertinent issues of our time without having a nervous breakdown, the simple things we can do to feel satisfied and productive in our daily lives. I really bonded with them when they talked about how they feel embarrassed to admit they read "bad books" (like fluffy beach reads) when their friends all read nothing but non-fiction and biographies. I was like SAME! I just love their candor and hearing other women open up to having similar thoughts, opinions, and feelings to me.

3 | For the Oprah fan trying to live intentionally and stay woke: OPRAH'S SUPER SOUL CONVERSATIONS. I mean, it's Oprah. Y'all already know she gets the best of the best to talk to her. I love this one to learn more about famous people and personalities bringing good into the world. I pick and choose episodes depending on what I feel like I need or want to hear that day. I always learn so much and feel so inspired after listening! My favorite episodes so far have featured Lin Manuel Miranda and Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk who spoke on how to listen with compassion. This line really stuck with me:

"To listen with compassion is to give him or her a chance to suffer less."

Whenever I'm feeling low, or down, or anxious, I know I need to share that with my inner circle to help relieve the isolation and despair that comes with those feelings. I need more than an "I'm sorry." I need someone to talk with me, to help me navigate my emotions even if it's just to say 'I know this sucks but we'll get through it together.' This quote just really got to the essence of why we all need that level of support from time to time.

4 | For the busy business owner desperate to restore balance in their life: INFUSE JOY. I'm so excited for this one because I know the creator, Sarajane Case, and she's one of those people that just wraps you into her authenticity and warmth. Sarajane offers business coaching for "heart centered entrepreneurs who want to get their work into the world with integrity and ease."

I'm just beginning to delve into Infuse Joy but I'm loving what I've heard so far. I recommend listening to "Not Really Famous" if you use Instagram to promote your brand, or if you're a casual user trying to sort out your feelings about social media and the personalities who leverage it. She makes some really fantastic points about comparing ourselves to those we "watch" on social media. Sometimes we like what we see. We find inspiration and commonality. Other times, we walk away feeling bad about ourselves for a variety of reasons. Whether you're the influencer or the audience, Sarajane said this:

"Our self-esteem is our responsibility. Our discomforts with our way of...operating in the world is our responsibility."

This says a mouthful. You can't control what other people are putting out on social media, how they live their lives, what they say, what they wear, and so forth. But you can control your response to it. If you see something you don't like, why not ask yourself 'why do I continue to follow this person?' or 'are these negative feelings about them or are they really about me?' I love how Infuse Joy makes me think about my goals, intentions, thoughts, and actions. I'm really excited to keep listening.

The next episodes in my queue are "5 Changes to Prevent Burnout," "The Nitty Gritty of Self-Care, " and "On Content Creation." SaraJane covers so many awesome topics!


Just writing this post makes me want to jump in the car, drive around, and learn more about all these wonderful people and topics! I hope you find them entertaining and educational, too.

Which podcasts are your favorites? Let me know!


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