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The Exclamation Point

TANK // JEANS (available at blu29) // BELT (budget dupe HERE) // HAT // BAG (similar) // SHOES (sold out, duplicate splurge HERE and steal HERE)


This outfit reminds me of the famous Michael Kors quote in which he likens accessories to an exclamation point for the final emphasis they put on an outfit. Because let's be honest: we all know this round circle bag is stealing this outfit's show. Without the bold pops of black and gold the accessories bring, this outfit is incredibly basic. Which I love! We NEED these basic pieces in our wardrobes for easy dressing and to tone down the other statement pieces in our closet. But when we wear basic pieces together, we rely on accessories to make the whole look more intentional and eye catching.


So about this bag. It's a dupe of the Cult Gaia bag that's been all over Instagram this summer. The minute I saw it I fell in love with the bag...and then I saw the price. It runs upwards of $300 which is more than I can spend on a novelty bag many times over. But that's when I got on Amazon to see if I could sniff out a good dupe and whaddyaknow? I found one! This exact bag has since either sold out or been taken down which is something you HAVE to watch on Amazon -- the really good dupes sometimes disappear so if you see something you like, snag it! I found THIS round black bag that's the same as mine except for the strap. It also comes in natural wood.


Also, can we talk about these jeans for a minute?? I got them from blu29, a new boutique located in the south slope district here in Asheville. I'd never heard of the brand before (they're by AMO) but Heather, one of blu29's owners, told me how amazing they are and she's right! They're so slimming and I love the frayed hem.

I'm thrilled blu29 is carrying brands you find in upscale retailers and New York boutiques. They may be pricy for basics but they're the pieces you don't mind spending money on because you know you'll wear them for years and they look reallllly good on! That's the important balance you've gotta strike when buying clothes: invest in the core, classic pieces and save money on trendy, of-the-moment items.


Thanks so much for coming by the blog today! I've been working on some fun content lately and I'm excited to keep sharing it with you guys! As always, if you have a topic you'd like me to talk about shoot me an email at

Talk soon!


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