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Fresh Squeezed Popsicles: Homemade Treats Toddlers Can Help Make

Right now we're in two phases: summer, and the age in which Harlow has developed an interest in helping out around the house. She loves to help with laundry, cleaning, cooking, and weeding. That last one's been a bit rough on the flowering plants but we're working on it!

It's hard to find safe ways for a two-and-a-half year-old to help in the kitchen. Clearly knives are a big no-no and I prefer she stays out of the room when I've got the stove going or open the oven. We've made cookies and yogurt cake, so I guess our mommy-daughter cooking theme is dessert. Oh well, works for me!

Obviously no parent wants their kid to OD on sugar. It's not good for the kid or the parent's sanity. And dessert really should be enjoyed in moderation which is hard for a little brain to understand, and kinda throws a damper in our joint cooking ventures. But with it being summertime and all I thought popsicles would be a good, healthy(ish) treat Harlow could have. And THEN I discovered Zipzicles and OMG y'all. Whole new ball game.

BTW this post isn't sponsored or anything. I'm just really excited about this product. Keep reading for how they work and why they're so great for toddlers!)

Zipzicles are popsicle pouches with a Ziploc-style closure that lets you make your own popsicles with healthy juices! You can go classic with pure OJ or make your own blends OR even throw in a vegetable or two like carrots or cucumber if you have a legit juicer. Apparently ours died at some point and we couldn't juice everything we hoped to but I'm confident my hubby the engineer will figure it out bc a new juicer is NOT in the budget haha!

Harlow LOVED -- and I mean loved -- juicing the oranges with me. She thought the whole thing was so fun and loved watching all the juice come out. So it's really a win-win: your toddler enjoys making the popsicles AND eating them. They turned out so awesome and Harlow never got any sort of sugar high. The whole popsicle was just frozen freshly-squeezed orange and pineapple juices.

I bought a pack of 36 Zipzicle pouches HERE for $7. Total no brainer. I'm so happy to have found another 'recipe' we can make together and that I can let her have a treat without any guilt!

I loved sharing this with y'all today, and I hope you liked it, too. Thanks for coming by The Tony Townie and I'll be back soon!


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