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How To Mix Stripes and Floral Prints

My favorite mix of prints by far is florals and stripes, especially for spring and summer! I mean the florals speak for themselves this time of year and the stripes bring to mind sailing on a boat under the summer sun. Not a bad daydream if I do say so myself!

I don't ever buy pieces with the sole intention of mixing them but when I see the opportunity I grab it! Mixing prints is an easy, free way to breathe new life into clothing already in your closet. It always looks so fashion forward and intentional even if the pieces themselves are sporty separates.

There are three main guidelines for successfully mixing can read them below!

ONE | Scale. You don't want to mix a tiny print with a big, bold one and vice versa. The large flowers on my shirt work well with the thicker stripe of my skirt. Otherwise it would've felt out of balance.

TWO | Color. The easiest way to know if you can mix prints is if they share the same color. The blue flowers matched the blue stripes and boom! We have a winner!!

THREE | Tone. Yes, ideally you'd like the same color to appear in both prints. But you can still mix prints if they don't share the same color IF they're identical in tone. Meaning, you want to mix jewel tones with jewel tones, bolds with bolds, mid-range tones get the idea. A frothy pastel floral print would look hideous with a bold, saturated stripe.

And that's it! You're on your way to mixing prints and owning it.

Thanks for taking the time to come by today! See y'all soon!


Shoes by ABLE c/o Nest

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