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How To Pack For A Lake Trip Girls Getaway

Today I'm taking off for a girls trip to Lake Wylie and I feel like I might burst with excitement! Girl time is so rare in this season of life and I'm about to get 48 hours of straight girlfriend fun time. Get. Pumped!

Something so fun about a girls trip is the big group text in which everyone asks what others are packing or wearing. I don't think girls ever outgrow that -- and I don't ever want to haha! IMO, packing for a girls getaway boils down to a few core guidelines: knowing what to wear for the weather, the destination, and knowing your truth.

What do I mean by that? Well here's the thing: girls tend to overpack because they want an outfit to match their mood...and goodness knows our moods can be unpredictable! We need an option for every eventuality which keeps us prepared (a good thing) but makes packing difficult, time consuming, and overthought.

Knowing your truth means being honest about your behaviors and tendencies in certain situations. If you're going to be day drinking and keeping it low key around your rental house or hotel, why are you packing three different dinner dresses? If you only have two days of fun in the sun, why are you bringing several sets of workout gear, jeans, a jumpsuit, dresses, wedges, and five pairs of sandals? You've probably already set an agenda with your girl group, so let that guide your packing. Don't bring everything new you bought within the past month just because you're excited about it all.

This is my packing list for what to bring on this weekend's girls getaway to the lake. Our house is lakefront and well stocked so I don't need to pack kitchen supplies or a wagon to tote a bunch of stuff around. But I DO need some bug spray and a really big obnoxious float haha!


  • Friday travel outfit (Tee, Shorts, Sandals)

  • Change of clothes/Friday night casual dress (if you're feeling scuzzy from the road)

  • Loungewear/PJS and Robe

  • Swimsuits (Bring 2-3 to cover the whole weekend)

  • Cover-up/kimono

  • Beach bag

  • Hat (Panama-style or ball cap, depending on your preference)

  • Sandals (2 pairs)

  • Workout gear (1 set of a tank, sports bra, leggings or shorts)

  • Sneakers

  • Saturday night casual outfit (Another casual dress or jumpsuit to wear around the house for dinner or to a casual restaurant if you go out)

  • Extra t-shirt and shorts

  • Sunday travel outfit (Use the extra t-shirt and shorts OR wear leggings)

  • Sweatshirt/Sweater (For chilly evenings or cold AC)

  • Sunglasses

Clothing Total: 2 t-shirts;, 2 pairs of casual shorts; 2 dresses (one can be switched for a jumpsuit or romper); 2 pairs of sandals; 2-3 swimsuits, 1 cover-up; 1 pair of pjs or loungewear set; 1 robe; 1 hat; 1 workout outfit; 1 sweater; 1 pair of sunglasses; 1 beach bag.

Packing Gear + Outdoor Supplies

Exact Items In My Suitcase

Using the above packing list, I'm bringing these exact pieces of clothing, shoes, and supplies on the trip. I've included a few notes on features that make them so great for traveling.

I SWEAR by these duffle bags! They fit SO much inside -- the soft edges really let you cram those last few things in haha. The backpack straps give you a hands-free option that's really convenient for traveling with kids...or trying to carry in everything all at once. 'Cause you know how we do.

I'm all in on the camo trend right now -- I just love these soft camo shorts that look great with a simple tee and sandals. They were sold out in my regular size (small so I got them one size up in a petite (medium petite).

This is a beautiful midi dress you can wear casually or dressed up with simple ankle strap sandals for a date night. It's very lightweight and perfect for summer days or evenings.

These are the new studded sandals I got and I'm obsessed y'all. They've got a cushy padding you can't see but can feel and it's oh so nice. They also come in three other colors and metallic stud combinations.

Still loving these slide sandals in both the tan and the white. Since my studded sandals are a tan-ish color, I'm bringing the white ones on this trip for another option.

Here are the three swimsuits I'm bringing. All are very flattering and cost under $40 each. They've got good booty coverage which is a must for me!

It's not a party unless there's some '90s hip hop playing in the background! I'll bring my BOSE wireless speaker to take with us around the house and by the water.

I'm a huge proponent of insulated drinkware for any beverage you want to keep a certain temperature, be it hot or cold. The Corksicle line is awesome, and some say they like it better than Yeti. This canteen holds a full bottle of wine (!) or mixed drink of your choice. These tumblers can hold anything from hot coffee to cold cocktails.

What's a lake trip without floating in the water all day long? In 2018 you can't just have a doughnut floatie; you've gotta bring some flare with your float! I got this unicorn float last year for our beach trip and will be packing it for the lake trip, too!

I'm hitting the road and heading off to the lake! Hope you all have a beautiful, fun-filled weekend! It's hard to believe June is already almost over...where is the summer going??

I'll be posting a few scenes from our girls trip to my Instagram stories over the weekend if you wanna follow along with our shenanigans ;) I'll see y'all next week here on the blog!


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