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Best Sun Hats for Summer

Good morning! Today's summer style edit is dedicated to sun hats, a delightfully fashionable yet functional summery accessory. I actually had multiple requests to blog about cute sun hats which is so cool because A) I love when you submit topic suggestions, and B) it shows we're more serious than ever about taking care of our skin!

We're fortunate to know the dangers of too much sun exposure so we can protect ourselves. And we're also fortunate that cute sun hats are so widely available now. Growing up I only ever remember women wearing tennis visors and ball caps. Both fine, both still valid FWIW, but now we have more options to suit our personal sense of style.

So what constitutes a sun hat? It can mean everything from a wide brim straw hat to a bucket style made of water wicking material. Your choice depends on your lifestyle, where you plan to wear your sun hat, and your style preferences.

Here are the difference types of sun hats I recommend wearing at the beach, pool, or on a summer afternoon that will look great while protecting your face.

Note: Some of the below links are affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Wide Brim Straw Hat

Wide brim hats provide 360 degree coverage of your face, ears, and neck. They look great worn with both street clothes and swimsuits. The woven natural fibers feel light on your head and hair for a comfortable wear. Be sure to watch them in a strong breeze -- they can fly right off!


Straw Hats with string tie

Same concept as above but with a string tie to secure the hat on your head. You'll want this feature if you go boating, or if you feel more comfortable knowing you can prevent your hat from blowing off anytime the wind picks up. The string tie lets you wear the hat around your neck and down your back if you want to take it off without having to carry it. It also gives the hat a bit of an "outdoorsy/explorer" vibe while keeping the summery, femme look.

Clearly this isn't a straw hat, but this hat has built in SPF, moisture wicking material, and the handy chin strap. I wouldn't say this is your most fashionable option, but if you like to spend your summers hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc, this would be a great option for you. It comes in several colors and is a best seller.


Straw Visors

The tennis visors of old are remade into chic updated versions made of the same lightweight woven straw we see in wide brim hats. A visor gives your look a sporty vibe. It doesn't provide the same 360 degree coverage as a brimmed hat but still gives your face ample shade. The top of your head is exposed as well so be sure to keep an eye on your scalp so it doesn't burn.

Too much sun can also damage our hair, so use a sun protectant on those tresses, too! This Sun Bum spray does it ALL. It protects your hair against sun damage, wind damage, heated hair appliances, and humidity. It's paraben and dye free, and costs just $15!


Ball Caps

A classic ball cap gives a sporty/casual vibe to your look and allows you to tell a little bit about yourself. A hat with your favorite sports team or slogan can share where you're from, who you are, and what you like. I prefer an adjustable hat to allow your ponytail or bun to stick out of the back. An adjustable hat also lets you change the fit depending on how you wear your hair (either up or down). Most ball caps are washable in case you need to wash out the sunscreen and sweat that accumulates along the inner band. Just check the care instructions first!


Any of the above hats will keep you protected from the sun while still looking cute. The key is to choose one that fits your lifestyle, fashion sense, and summer adventures.

Thanks so much for coming by today and I hope you're having a fabulous summer so far!


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