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Butterfly Fairyland at Lady Luck Flower Farm

August 1, 2018



Last Saturday we went back to Lady Luck Flower Farm for their U-pick day.  You may remember our first family trip we took out there last fall in THIS POST.  It's one of the few events I will put everything else on hold for because it's one of the most magical places I've ever been.  The rows and rows of vibrant flowers.  The panorama of lush mountains.  The old barn lending wisdom and charm.  And this time, the magic of dancing butterflies!


We lucked out (haha, no pun intended) getting to Lady Luck a little before noon because Katie -- one of the owners and a fellow Asheville High grad, Cougar Pride!  --  told me the butterflies come out later in the morning.  It's not like there were several; there were SO many and I just kept squealing like a two-year-old.  Come to think of it, my actual two-year-old didn't squeal as much as me haha!

Keep scrolling for more photos and details!


SWEATER  //  PANTS (Madewell, sold out)  //  SHOES  //  HARLOW'S DRESS  //  HAIR EXTENSIONS

SWEATER  //  PANTS (Madewell, sold out)  //  SHOES  //  HARLOW'S DRESS  //  HAIR EXTENSIONS



A few times we held one of our cut flowers near the butterflies to see if they'd land on it and we got a couple of them to do it!  One landed on Harlow's flowers and one landed on mine.  You can see one in the above photo -- how cool is that??  I've never seen a live butterfly so up-close before; I could see all its colors and details.  

I always get asked about doing photo shoots at Lady Luck Flower Farm or if you can go pick flowers by appointment.  To answer the first question, I'm not sure but you could contact the owners, Katie Grear and Mike Adams, to see what their policy is on photo sessions.  As far as picking flowers goes, you have to wait until they do a public U-pick day (like the one they just had).  They post all the information on their Facebook page which is how I learned about it both times we went. 


Katie said they are going to try and have another U-pick day this August or September.  They have buckets and clippers for you to use and you pay by the size of the container you fill.  This time they had coffee and sandwiches for sale, and there is a nice restroom facility to use FYI. 


Thanks for sharing in this magical day with me!  New posts coming your way soon!






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