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NSale Purchases: The What and the Why

Over the last few weeks you may have thought "why is the Nordstrom Sale such a big damn deal??" And I get it. It's been everywhere and the language is always very urgent: "get this NOW!" "Don't miss out!" Some bloggers stay up all night or travel hundreds of miles to shop the sale to be the very first ones to get and share the very best items. It's a THING if there ever was one!

Even though I am a blogger I didn't do those things, but I HAVE been scoping and shopping the sale since the preview catalog came out. And that is so I can shop good deals intelligently and with intention, both for my own sake and so that I can make informed recommendations to YOU! Sure, I've missed out on a few items that sold out but you know what? I didn't cry or lose sleep over it.

More importantly, I patiently waited until I knew for certain which items were true priorities for me. I applied my shopping tips and tricks to keep my inner competitive shopper at bay and get what I truly needed. I looked at my closet to see what I needed. I made a mental note every time I went to get dressed and wished I had a specific piece to correctly style a look. I thought back to last fall to remember which pieces I wore the most and which pieces I never got but always wanted.

With just a little work on the front end, I've made several purchases over the course of the Anniversary Sale and I'm thrilled with a capital T with all of them! These are the items I purchased (the What) with notes on WHY I picked them and HOW they'll benefit my working wardrobe through next season and beyond.


WHY: Every single time I've ever worn something cashmere I immediately feel happy I bought it. Every. Single. Time. I don't buy it much because my budget doesn't allow me to...except during the NSale when it's more affordably priced. I wanted a cardigan in a neutral color I can layer over outfits and loungewear. With jeans and boots or joggers and sneakers. Cashmere should be enjoyed so the more versatile the piece, the more use you'll get out of it.


WHY: Last fall I finally bought flat taupe boots and wore the bejeezus out of them. I didn't own a heeled version in that color, though, so I felt like that was a hole in my shoe collection. A good taupe ankle bootie can go with a dress OR dress up a jersey and jeans at your team tailgate. It's also a soft tone that can be worn with blues, blacks, browns, grays, earth tones, pastels, and white. Can't beat that in a shoe!


WHY: I'm mildly obsessed with jackets because they finish a look so well. This one can be worn open with that beautiful draped lapel hanging open, or buttoned on the side to create a cowl neck effect. The fabric is AMAZING and feels buttery soft. (I always reach for the soft things, you know?) It's casual (and long) enough to be worn with leggings and sneakers but pretty enough to be styled up for a date night or professional setting. You can watch an Instagram TV episode I made in which I style it four ways for AM to PM outfit ideas.


WHY: Last fall/winter I found myself wishing I had more slouchy sweaters. I love how the fullness of the sweater balances my skinny jeans and pants. I ordered up a size in this to a Medium because I wanted it oversized and the option of wearing it off of one shoulder. This comes in several colors and if/when they're restocked I will get more because I LOVE this sweater! I started with the blue because it can go with so many colors; I even wore it with my pink Madewell pants to the flower farm.


WHY: Again, last fall I kept wishing I had a creamy scarf to add a light neutral to my layered looks. Mixing in several neutrals at once -- like a black leather jacket, a gray tee, and a cream scarf -- looks really nice. So does layering monotone neutrals, like wearing a cream scarf over a white sweater and white coat. For $25 it felt like this was the time to add this piece to my wardrobe. Living in the mountains, I get lots of use out of my scarves that also double as blankets and wraps for Harlow and me.


WHY: Shockingly I don't own many black tops at all -- pretty big gap in my wardrobe. I wanted a longer tunic length top to wear over my faux leather leggings that I wear A LOT during the fall, and to tuck into jeans as well. The gauzy fabric and rich black color gives this piece a luxe feel even though it only cost $27! You can wear this casually with jeans or dressed up under a blazer and tailored pants. Or, like I said, with leggings to give a little hip/bootie coverage.


WHAT: Camisole

WHY: Camis are basics that I've overlooked for awhile now and always find myself wishing I had more. I love how simple and delicate they look under cardigans and jackets. Plus they make great underlayers for sweaters when it gets cold outside. This fabric is really soft and comes in several colors.


WHY: Making this a duo since I pretty much bought them as a set even though I totally intend to wear them apart, too! I've just realized that cute, comfy loungewear is a necessity for me. I wear it to feel cute running errands, to Harlow's pre-school, or to wear around the house. This brand makes THE softest loungewear I've ever put on my body. It's insane how soft their stuff is. Once I got their joggers I knew I wanted more of their stuff, and gray is a color that can go with so much.


WHY: Y'all. These are the joggers of all joggers. The softest most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body. Or at least in the top five. They feel like snuggly little clouds wrapped around your legs -- you even feel a noticeable softness when you're sitting down. I wear joggers with sneakers and sweaters ALL the time to lounge around in or to run around town. They're the perfect thing to put on when you want to look dressed enough to go out of the house but you don't want to put together an outfit.


WHY: Two reasons: I love a light colored shoe to wear with fall's darker colors; and two, I love a good studded shoe. I waited for the BP nude mules to come back in stock but sadly they never did. I let it go until I came across these studded mules and felt like it all worked out the way it was supposed to (as things usually do) because I love them! Excited to wear a simple cami, jeans, and leather jacket with these with some delicate necklaces. They also come in black, honey brown, and red.


WHY: I feel like the name is enough to explain why I got this. Barefoot Dreams is exactly that: a dream to wear. So dreamy that many spas sell it on-site. So soft and one of those pieces you can wrap up in to read a book, sit by the fire pit, but also style up to wear out and about. I will throw this on as an easy top layer any day of the week to wear with leggings, joggers, or jeans. It also makes a fabulous travel sweater to keep the cold of the car or plane at bay. *I have not yet received this item.


WHY: I love how a good lipstick or lip gloss can finish a look just so or add the right pop of color. I've got several bold colors in my collection and wanted to add more nudes and everyday colors to my makeup bag. I'm often skeptical of buying lip color online before I can test it but MAC has a photo on their product page that demonstrates how each color looks on various skin tones. I loved how each one looked on each girl so I felt like they were universally flattering colors that I will get lots of use out of. *I have not yet received this item.


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