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AVL | Upcountry Brewing

Last Sunday we ventured to west Asheville to try out a new (to us) brewery, Upcountry Brewing. I'd sampled one of their IPAs at a local restaurant and loved how flavorful it was with a very reasonable ABV. I mean I appreciate a brewer's creative license to get as potent as he or she wants with their art, but like...sometimes you just want a beer that's not going to put you on your ass at 2 PM. And sometimes you want TWO beers! So. Yeah, I like a middle of the road brew. Enough about me and my lightweight beer drinker needs, let's get on to the brewery.

I actually didn't know Upcountry had a taproom until I was driving back from getting the CO2 tank for my kegerator filled. A fabulous perk of having to divert from crazy Patton Ave Friday traffic if there ever was one! There is some Grade A wall art happening along Haywood Road these days (please never change Gus Cutty's Dolly Parton mural!) and I love the ode to classic rock on the side of Upcountry's building.

Mike and I usually default to flights on our first visit to a brewery or taproom so we can sample a good variety of their beers. Or, in this instance, a sampling of their IPAs. At least I added some diversity with my one lager (*shrugs*). On a chillier day, perhaps sans toddler, I would love to sample some of their higher gravity brews and stouts.

I loved all the IPAs I tried and so did Mike. I loved them all for different reasons: the Isoprene for its citrusy notes; the Cold Hearted for its sweeter finish (to my palette at least); and the Bogey Free for its good flavor balanced with a sub 5% ABV. Fun story: when ordering it I accidentally called it 'bougey' beer, which A) felt embarrassing at the time but B) will forever be what I call it in my own mind.

Our food was good, too! We started with a bowl of boiled peanuts which I will order 100% of the time if they're on the menu. Mike loved his burger. I ordered two of the three tacos on the menu, the tempeh taco and the fried chicken taco. The tempeh was good, but probably wouldn't get it again. But the fried chicken taco....omg. So. Good. It comes with pimento cheese, pickles, and ranch dressing AKA the all-stars of southern cuisine. I forced Mike to try a bite knowing it would change his world. Delicious.

Some small details impressed us, too. As parents to a toddler who's colored just about every kid's menu in town, we loved that their kid's menu played off their interior mural. I mean if you're a champ at coloring you could probably frame it when you're done. Also, we were stupidly excited that they gave Harlow purple and teal crayons instead of the typical red/blue/green/orange foursome we get everywhere else. Jewel tones, people!

I also loved that they served Harlow's milk with a paper straw, and that they have a dog treat menu! Their space is very dog-friendly, particularly on the back patio and in the backyard area.

Our verdict: Upcountry is awesome! We will definitely be back. The beer is great, the food is good for a weekend indulgence, and the staff is very friendly. So happy we made the trip to west west Asheville (as they call it) to try out this local brewery. A definite win.

Our other win: dressing Harlow in a splatter print t-shirt that disguised the mustard she sprayed herself with.

What I Wore

Harlow is wearing a Chaser LA shirt available at Nest Boutique - they sell women's and children Chaser clothing and some mommy-and-me coordinating styles! Her shorts and sneakers are from Gap Kids.


Upcountry Brewing Notes + Details

  • Great beer, good food, friendly staff

  • Kid-friendly (changing stations in restroom)

  • Dog-friendly (dog treats included on the menu!)

  • Outdoor seating available

  • Outdoor games and fire pit located in back yard

  • TV at the bar to watch the game on

  • Beer recommendations: Any IPA, we loved them all!

  • Food recommendations: Boiled peanuts; Fried Chicken Taco; Burger


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