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Fitting Room Diary: H&M Fall Fashion Edit

On Friday I popped over to H&M to try on a few pieces I'd scoped on their website. And y'all, I found so many good things! As always, H&M carries the BEST sweaters for the best prices. Over the last two fall/winters I've worn my H&M sweaters more than any other brand's, and despite the low prices they've held up really well. I'm back at the well, as it were, and love love love the styles and colors they've got this year!



Sharing my fitting room haul below, as well as shopping tips on how to successfully shop at H&M, and more favorite fall styles!


Fit: I'm wearing a large. It's meant to be slouchy and I wanted extra slouch.

Fit: I'm wearing a 28. Plenty of stretch, could've maybe tried the 27.

I'm also a big fan of their jeans, particularly the trendier iterations of women's denim. My mom jeans all come from H&M because I want the look but I'm not paying a Benji for them. Friday I found these super cute pair of skinnies that I fell in love with -- the perfect amount of stretch and distressing. With a frayed hem. They were speaking my language, and to the tune of $39.99.


Fit: TTS. It's long and loose, like a boyfriend style. You could size down if you wanted.

Fit: TTS. Actually, this is a maternity blouse from the MAMA section. I didn't even know that until later. Meaning, if you like it and you aren't expecting, nbd. If you are expecting, great news: there's a cute affordable blouse you can wear now and after baby arrives.


Fit: TTS. You could maybe size down. It's plenty long to hide your booty in leggings. I love the French tuck to still show your waist (thus creating the right proportion) while letting the rest of the sweater hang loosely.

Fit: TTS. I'm wearing a 6 and could've tried the 4. They're nice and stretchy and the fabric is fairly substantial without feeling heavy. These come in lots of colors and prints, including plaid.



Shopping tip: Scout the H&M website before you head to the store. Pick out your fave pieces and store them in your cart of favorites for easy reference. Knowing what you're looking for helps tremendously when sorting through the many crowded racks.

Shopping tip 2.0: Download the H&M app. While you're in the store, use the app to scan every item to see if it's on sale online. (Usually what's on sale online is not on sale in the store!) The store will price match the online sale price if you show them.

Shopping tip 3.0: What's sold out online may not be sold out in stores. Case in point: the striped sweater I'm wearing was down to an XS online but I found it in the store in my size.

Shopping tip 3.5: The website always carries more than the store does (unless you live in NYC, perhaps). Keep your cart/favorites list stocked up until after your store visit so you can be sure to snag anything the story didn't carry. If your local store doesn't carry something, you can ask for a code at checkout that will waive the online shipping fee.

Thanks to Erin Foley of @erinlynn_style for sharing some of her go-to H&M shopping tips!


Fit: TTS. I wouldn't size down or else it might get too short through the torso. Love the longer, wider sleeves.

DRESS: actually old Zara, but you can recreate the look at H&M with this pleated skirt or this mini dress.


Fit: TTS. It's blousey so if you wanted less room you could size down. The material is 100% modal and is so, so soft. It's a much comfier feel than your standard cotton plaid button-down. It comes in six colors/prints. And did you see the price?!


I went home with three sweaters, a blouse, a scarf, and a pair of sunglasses for a grand total of $120 after tax. That's crazy good! Honestly you probably couldn't do better at Target. I still have several more items on my wish list for now and as fall progresses which I'll share with you below.



My local H&M store didn't carry everything I wanted to try on, hence why I recommend scouting online, too, so you don't miss any great pieces or deals. Here are a few more favorites across several categories to get you dressed for fall at an affordable price.












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