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Fall Trend Report: Plaid Is Rad

"Plaid for fall. Groundbreaking." We all know if Miranda Priestley had thrown a predictable fall trend under the bus it would've been plaid. We see it every year, we all have our fire pit party lumberjacket shirt, yada yada yada. Well ya know what, Miranda? The runways don't lie. Plaid IS a major fall trend this year, except it's elevated and aristocratic rather than rustic and rural.

I am not here to pry that plaid button-up blouse from your hands. I am not for that. I've got mine and plan to wear it all through fall, so help me God. But I AM here to talk the 2018 version of plaid, what to look for, and how you should wear it. Not in a magazine model sense, but good ol' everyday outfits that look up-to-date and more informed by trends than bound by them.



The plaid you're looking for this year is glen plaid. It's typically seen in black and white, often with an accent color woven throughout, or in a mix of blacks and browns like my blazer. Traditionally, glen plaid is more of an office dress code staple, more synonymous with slacks than street style. (Ugh, I hate that word - slacks!) But fashion did what fashion does and reinvented it for everyday, casual wear.


Blazers and pants are the two most popular plaid pieces to own this season. Don't take a shortcut and break up that glen plaid suit hanging in your closet. You want a tailored boyfriend-style blazer and slightly cropped plaid trousers to wear with mules, loafers, a heeled shoe, or even street sneakers!

If you're looking to dip your toe into the plaid trend rather than dive in head first, pick up a glen plaid/houndstooth scarf to wear with jackets and sweaters. The right print will go with any neutral making it easy to style for a casual look.

Keep scrolling to see how to style these pieces for everyday wear!




Wearing a blazer doesn't have to mean dressing for a meeting or other formal-ish occasion. Think of it as just a tailored jacket that can be worn casually, too.

1 | Layer your plaid blazer over a basic tee and wear with jeans. From classic skinnies to trendier wide-leg cropped jeans, you can pick your denim to suit your style or mood. Finish with boots or flats, and add a scarf and/or hat for extra flare.

*Click any image for details


2 | On the weekend, grab your coziest hoodie or sweater and wear it underneath your plaid blazer. With jeans and western-style boots this look is perfect for off-duty days.

See more of this look in this blog post!


3 | Joggers are the new jeans, and just because they're glorified sweatpants doesn't mean you can't dress them up with a fun blazer. I love this look for weekday mornings doing the mom hustle, or for weekend trips to the park or playground.

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4 | Plaid pants are a fabulous option for adding variety to those ol' reliable basic tops and sweaters. Just choose a plaid pattern with colors that work with what's in your closet. If you wear more blacks and grays, go with a glen plaid that uses one or both of those colors. If you like warmer neutrals like beige, navy, or cream, choose a plaid with browns.



Thanks so much for spending some time with me today! Check back soon for more fall trend reports here on the blog. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to get fall outfit ideas on the daily!

Cheers to a great week!


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