Corn Mazes + Marshmallows

You guys, we just had the best family Sunday Funday here in Asheville! We spent the morning at the Eliada Home corn maze. which was high on my Asheville fall bucket list (you can see the full list HERE). Having just read her book about Daniel Tiger going to a fall festival Harlow was so excited to see scarecrows, pumpkins, and all the stuff. She loved it. Poor thing cried when we left because she was having the best time. She kept telling us how she wanted her friends and family to come see the fall festival with her; she has the biggest heart! Her sweet, thoughtful nature makes me so proud...I tear up just talking about it!

They had so many fun things for kids to do, and honestly, Mike and I were just as into it as Harlow! They had slides (which were pretty fast), a big jumping pillow (which was kinda crazy), a giant sandbox full of corn kernels, a tractor hay ride, a climbing spider web, a tiny haystack maze, a corn cannon, and of course the big corn maze.

There are several paths you can follow in the corn maze. We did the shortest one (tiny legs, only so much patience) and it had little signs along the way that told the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. Such a brilliant idea! Harlow was so excited to find the "next" sign and continue the story. Now she says Spookley is her favorite :)

It was pretty chilly on Sunday so we all had to bundle up! And man do I need to get Harlow some new cold-weather clothes! It went from 80 to 45 degrees overnight!

I wore this parka with a fur hood (very similar HERE), turtleneck sweater, plaid scarf, and my trusty Frye harness boots.

After nap we turned on the Cowboys football game and built our first fire in this house! We thought we were going to convert the fireplace to gas but after several obstacles wood burning it is! Mike picked up s'mores supplies and we roasted them right in our living room. Luckily Mike knows his way around a fire and how to properly roast the perfect marshmallow. Compared to me who stuck it right in the flame and immediately ruined it. I have no patience when it comes to my sweet tooth.


We tried for a family photo -- including all the babies -- and it was a hot, hysterical mess LOL. Who knows how much longer we have with our oldest dog, Georgia, so we wanted to document our moment of togetherness. Most of the photos were a disaster. I give you Exhibit A:

But after a couple tries we wound up with a decent shot that shows a little bit of our family dynamic and I love it! Georgia is always crafting her exit plan, Matix is a lovable doofus, Harlow is singing to Matix, Mike is holding everything together, and I'm running into the frame right before the photo timer goes off. These are the days of our lives!

Corn maze and roasting marshmallows can officially be crossed off our Fall Bucket List! I'm loving all the seasonal fun and we have more planned this coming weekend. On the docket: family photos; a high school football game; DIY seasonal/pumpkin beer flight; mulled cider; and, starting the Discovery of Witches book series! And then of course we have Halloween next Wednesday and I'm SO excited to dress up as a family for the first time! Obviously Harlow is the star and we're her supporting cast. Wouldn't have it any other way :D

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Tomorrow I'm sharing another 'one piece, two ways' outfit idea featuring a darling corduroy skirt.

Have a fantastic day!




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