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Fall Trend: Lace-Up Boots

Mom and daughter laugh together in matching outfits at Biltmore Estate's Antler Hill Village

SWEATER (old Versona, similar) // JEANS (AMO from blu29) // BOOTS // BEANIE

Happy Halloween eve eve! (Too confusing?) We spent Sunday morning at Biltmore Estate shooting some photos for later this week (hint: they're both Halloween-y and bibiddi bobbodi boo-tiful!) and stopped by Antler Hill Village to let Harlow visit the animals at the zoo. She's got her little checklist of things to do: pet the animals; hit the playground; see the Cedric and Cornelia statue. Investing in an annual pass to Biltmore is a no-brainer; you get to enjoy all the magic of Biltmore year-round whenever you want! Not only is it gorgeous but they treat you like family there.

I'm FREAKING OUT that grunge style is back en vogue! Like some of these revived '90s trends did not need to come back IMO but I'm SO for the Dr. Martens, floral dresses, and slouchy layers. Last year I got Harlow a pair of presh mini combat boots from Zara and this year not only did I re-up her shoe game but I had to play, too! I'm totally obsessed with lace-up boots, especially these Dr. Martens in the smooth leather. You HAVE to size down though! Normally I wear an 8 but I had to get the 7 and still have a touch of room in the toe box. Also, they're incredibly comfortable and lightweight for such a heavy-looking shoe. Looks can be deceiving, darling!

Mom and daughter laugh together in matching outfits at Biltmore Estate's Antler Hill Village

Maybe you're like me and into the grunge thing...or maybe you're not. Either way, lace-up boots are a big shoe trend this season for any style type. Truth is, I cringe using the word "trend" because they can be worn year after year. Some are edgy -- like the Docs and studded versions -- and others are more rustic, evoking an outdoorsy vibe and/or utility. I'm even including some of the chic wintery boots that are out right now because they can be worn fashionably and out in the elements.

These are some lace-up boot styles at all price points that really caught my eye. Some are even from Target! As a confessed boot addict I feel thoroughly at risk for going broke just stocking up on all these boots. Fortunately this pair is under $40 and these winter boots I can wear every year. Right? These feel like good decisions :)

These are the boots I have and they're 15% just on Monday, October 29th with code WOW15

These are 15% off, too, with the same code WOW15 (but just for October 29th!)


Thanks so much for stopping by The Tony Townie today! I'm suuuuper excited for Wednesday's Halloween post and our family costume reveal! Not just the costumes but where we wore them and the photos we got. Kind of freaking out with excitement over here.

Have a fantastic day!


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