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Happy Hallo-weems!

A family dressed up in characters from Cinderella reenact a scene on the library steps of the Biltmore House.

Happy Halloween everyone! Some backstory: Mike used to throw an annual Halloween party called "Hallo-weems," a play off a nickname he got in high school. If you say "Williams" with a thick country drawl you wind up at Weems and here we are! It stuck and he still goes by it today, even using it in his Instagram handle.

Anyhoo we're SO excited to debut our first family costume: Cinderella! (Did you guess? I bet you guessed lol.) But not just any Cinderella -- the live-action one with Lilly James as the title character, Richard Madden as the prince, and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. It's so beautifully done. Harlow watched the dress transformation scene one time and was hooked. So here we are!

A little girl dressed as Cinderella plays at the Biltmore House.

As soon as we finalized our decision I knew I wanted to take "re-enactment" family photos at our very own local castle, the Biltmore House. We went early on a Sunday morning before it got too crowded so that A) we could avoid photo bombs, and B) we could minimize the number of "looks" we'd get. And oh we got some. But everyone was super great about it, especially the Biltmore staff. They treated Harlow like she was actually a princess -- she even bowed goodbye to the shuttle driver. We all just died! And a family visiting from the Philippines asked to take their picture with us haha!

A woman dressed as the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella waves her magic wand at a pumpkin.
A dad dressed as Prince Charming lifts his daughter in her Cinderella dress up in the air.

All of our costumes came from Amazon. Harlow's is part of her regular dress-up collection -- you've probably seen it a time or two or a thousand on my Instagram stories. Mike and I got ours for under $40 each and were really happy with the quality considering what we paid. I used a little tiara I already had (when you're a blogger with a daughter you have a few tiaras lying around) and Harlow's magic wand.

A little girl in a Cinderella dress twirls on the terrace off the library at the Biltmore House.

We can't wait to celebrate as a family together! Hope you have a fun-filled and safe Halloween!

See you in November!


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