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Everyday Luxuries


Why do we love jewelry so much? Like, the really good stuff. Obviously the blingy-ness of it doesn't hurt, and I never met a sparkly bauble I didn't like. But seriously, doesn't nice jewelry just make you feel so good? If it's tiny and shiny I'm usually a fan!

And good jewelry is always worth so much. Not because of the price. Because of what it means. It represents memories and moments that are priceless.

Your engagement ring. Your first piece of Tiffany or David Yurman at graduation. The pearls that belonged to your grandmother. The earrings you received on your wedding day. The bracelet you opened under the Christmas tree on your anniversary. The diamond upgrade you got after becoming a mom.

All pieces we collect as we move through life's biggest moments. And isn't it always better when we can enjoy these precious pieces everyday instead of just on special occasions? I don't want my diamonds collecting dust -- I want them catching the sun and casting itty bitty rainbows around me!


For fine jewelry you'll wear on the daily I have to recommend Spicer Greene here in Asheville, a family-owned jeweler that's been in business almost 100 years! Their Everyday Diamonds collection is ba-na-nas, including classic jewels like tennis bracelets and diamond hoop or stud earrings. They carry different cuts and sizes to suit all different types and tastes. And, surprisingly, they're actually quite reasonable for fine diamond jewelry.


It's that time of year when we get to make our wish lists, or better yet, find a sparkly little something hiding in our stocking. Maybe you want to be surprised...or maybe you're like me and start dropping hints here and there about what you really want haha! Either way, Spicer Greene's inventory and incredibly modern amenities cater to everyone.

  • Their Wish List system tracks every item on your list in perpetuity. If it sells out, they can reorder it!

  • Their 3D, 360° modeling software lets you customize any piece you want made or modified.

  • Their watches range from chunky Breitling watches to minimal Shinola timepieces.

  • They carry a wide range of designers and brands, everything from Mikimoto to Kendra Scott.

  • Couples can design their own engagement rings, picking out their diamonds and mounts of choice.

Top: Shinola-Detroit watch // Bottom: Breitling Navitimer watch from Spicer Greene


One last thing: shopping at Spicer Greene may just infuse your day with some much-needed joy. While I was in there last time, a couple came in busting at the seams with excitement over just getting engaged. Then another couple came in to shop for their anniversary together. Another wanted the owner, Eva Michelle Spicer, to look at a vintage ring to see if her grandfather designed it in their store all those years ago. So much love, so many smiles, so many stories. It was the happiest experience and it had nothing to do with all the pretty jewelry! Although let's be real: wearing all of these diamonds was an insanely incredible experience!


tennis bracelet from Spicer Greene


Do you enjoy wearing fine jewelry? If so, which pieces mean the most to you? Will you be putting jewelry on your holiday wish list this year and have you ever been to Spicer Greene?

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this post!


Brought to you by Spicer Greene

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