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5 Pieces to Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe

Every season, my wardrobe winds up being a mix of forever pieces, last year's standouts, and new items that breathe fresh air into my closet. Sometimes all our old standby's need is a little update here and there. A new sweater to layer with; maybe a new jacket or the accessory du jour. And never underestimate the power of a new pair of shoes!

This fall I've found five pieces that don't just make my old clothes feel new again; they're also super versatile and fun to mix and match. You can layer them all together (like my look above) or break them up to wear with basic denim and tees. Go dressy, go casual...go do your thing, girl!


1 | Fall Floral Dress

The base for both of my looks, a floral dress for fall is ev-er-y-thing. From moody florals to earthy blooms, as long as the color palette skews autumnal versus springy, you're in business! It's a fab piece you can style depending on the time of day or occasion. You don't need many, just one or two you can rotate in and out or dress up at night.

Just got this floral maxi dress for Thanksgiving -- huge fan!!! I got a 4 and it's still plenty roomy. Also the colors in this swingy floral midi dress are gorg and it's under $50!

Zara always makes the prettiest fall floral dresses. I love the lighter colors in this midi dress, and the watercolor floral print of this one.


2 | Menswear Blazer

Mixing feminine pieces (like the floral dress) with menswear is a style MUST! Layer a navy or black blazer over fall dresses or ladylike blouses to try it out. So. Easy! And again, you just need one good blazer to wear year after year. I've had this navy blazer for four years and it's still going strong!

This is the latest version of my blazer -- it also comes in petite and tall sizing, and in three other classic colors. If you want a longer piece this double-breasted boyfriend blazer is a stunner! Also all heart eyes over this pinstripe number and this velvet blazer for holiday.


3 | Logo Belt

I'll make this brief. A designer logo belt is a blogger style staple. Case in point: I have two and I wear them all the time. Did I pay the designer price?? Noooooooo! Because I found dupes that are so good I frankly don't know how they're sold legally but that's for people in a higher pay grade than me to figure out.

This is the exact belt I'm wearing and it's under $30. Crazy right?! It also comes in black and coffee brown. If you'd rather sport an 'H' than double G's this other designer dupe belt should be right up your alley.


4 | Chunky Pullover Sweater

This one gets a little specific. You want a sweater that hits around your waistline but is roomier through the sleeves and only slightly so through the torso. That sounds insanely particular but the reality is pullover sweaters come in so many fits and lengths that you have to be intentional about what you buy.

This sweater I'm wearing is the ideal blend of slouch and length. I have it in gray and beige and wear them both on a weekly basis.

My FAVE places to shop for sweaters right now are H&M and...drum roll please...Abercrombie! Did I just instantly transport you back to the '90s? You seriously can't beat their classic-but-trend-informed sweaters and prices. I love the fuzziness of this minty green sweater and the soft rose pink color of this cable knit sweater.


5 | Street Sneakers

I can't overstate how much wear I've gotten out of these classic black Vans. They go with everything. With jeans. With dresses and skirts. With my fave faux leather leggings and of course my basic leggings, too. Anytime there's a fashionable item that's this functional and comfortable we better jump on it! I recommend going with black or a creamy ivory to get maximal versatility.


How about you: do you fill in your seasonal wardrobes with a few key pieces every year? Which pieces are you really feeling right now? Are there some you can live without? I always love hearing what you think!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!



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