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My Christmas Wish List 2018


Remember when you were younger and you thought adult presents were so lame and wondered why they were perfectly happy getting just a couple things, some even in tiny boxes? Oh the folly of youth. Though nothing can beat that 'kid at Christmas' feeling! Having Harlow has brought it back -- she's way more aware of Christmas this year and it's so much fun!

This year Mike and I are cutting way back on our gifts to each other and focusing on Harlow. We've had a hard year financially and we're very blessed as it is. But a girl's always got a holiday wish list hidden away somewhere in her heart, or in the notes on her phone. And these are the items on it!

This Christmas, I would love some new winter snow boots, a gray wool coat, a frame gallery for my dining room, and some new hair extensions haha! Just trying to keep it real. You can see the pieces I've got my eye on below as well as a few other pretty things I've been pining away for!

You can click any image for instant item details, or scroll below to click a text link and read my notes on the individual pieces.


A tailored wool coat is my favorite kind of winter coat! It can go anywhere, from the office to a snow day. I want gray because it's classic and I love a gray-on-gray layered monochromatic look for winter.

I want to hang the frame gallery in my dining room and fill it with black and white photos of our family and travels around the world. Also -- twelve frames for $100?!

The interchangeable styling wand lets you switch out the barrel for different size/style curls and waves. It's a blogger and beauty cult favorite and I'd love to combine my curling iron and curling wand into one piece.

Okay that leopard cardigan is so soft and pretty! I'm very particular about my leopard print and I love that this one is a bit muted and can be worn as a top or cardigan sweater.

All about that skin care and the acid step is the one I'm still missing from my holy triumvirate (Vitamin C, Retinol, Acid) of skin care routine. These acid peel pads combat aging (talk to me!), come highly recommended, and are easy to use.

'Cashmere for Christmas' should be a thing IMO. This cashmere wrap can be worn as a scarf or draped around your shoulders. I have it in gray and want more colors; it's so versatile and warm but lightweight.

My hair extensions are my spirit animal and after a year's worth of wear they're showing their age big time! I wear Sandy Blonde but if you're not sure which color you'd be they have test kits you can order and test samples in every box that you can check before you open the full pack.


What's on your Christmas wish list this year? Do you do gifts for everyone, just the kids, or no gifts at all? Personally I just have to have even a little something under the tree for everyone. I just love the surprise of giving a great gift! And getting a little something nice doesn't suck either :D

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the gift guide love to any spouses, partners, friends, or family you think might need some shopping hints!


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