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#MomStyleLife: Gifts for the Stylish Mom On-the-Go

I had so much fun shopping for this gift guide for the every day mom, even more than making my own Christmas wish list! After living the mom life for three years, there are just some items that make the days feel easier...or easier to get through, as the case may be. In my experience, moms need small conveniences (or even luxuries) that can take something off her plate or enable her to do her thing as efficiently as possible. And look good while doing it!

This gift guide is full of pieces I believe make living a #momstylelife that much easier, whether it's getting dressed, making coffee in a snap, or nailing that five minute beauty routine.

You can click any image for item details. Scroll below to see notes on specific items or to click the text link.


A tunic-length turtleneck sweater is perfect for wearing over leggings for daily wear or to layer up on a snow day.

Moms live in cardigans and none are more cozy than the Barefoot Dreams collection. This long gray cardigan has pockets (always crucial) and is designed to style up for every day wear or to layer over loungewear at home.

A sweater coat makes a great outerwear option that's cozy like a cardigan with the extra warmth of a coat. Easy to move in, not restrictive through the shoulders and arms.

I'm a BIG believer in the versatility and luxe factor of a cashmere scarf that doubles as a wrap. I travel in mine all the time, and wear it with everything from jean jackets to blazers and over camisoles.

Just got this pink sherpa cardigan and no lie, I'm living in it! It's like a big teddy bear. Great for wearing around the house or with jeans and sneakers. It comes in ivory, too.

Spanx faux leather leggings are my HAVE TO HAVE pant recommendation for the fall and winter. They're so flattering and slimming, and they make your basic tops and sweaters look that much cooler. Also highly recommend the velvet leggings if you want a holiday option.

Layer an oversized jean jacket over your leggings to style up your daily yoga pants or workout wear.

Choose a pretty stud earring that you can keep in all the time and will go with everything. I wear these diamond bar earrings all the time and love their modern twist on a classic design.

These fleece-lined Chelsea boots are brilliant! A stylish flat boot that's comfortable and chic with warm lining for cold winter months.

High-waisted jeans are so flattering and more likely to keep your panties from peeking out.

I wrote an entire post on why my Apple Watch makes me a more focused mom. (You can read it here.) The fitness tracking functionality doesn't hurt, either.

Buying a Keurig coffee maker once we had Harlow was such a clutch decision. No scooping, filters, waiting for coffee to brew. it's ready right when you want it. Bonus: guests are more likely to help themselves to coffee that's readily available than ask you to brew a pot.

Never let your coffee get cold in a Yeti tumbler. I like that this one has a tapered bottom to fit in any car's cup holder. And the bigger the better when coffee is concerned!

This dry shampoo foam not only cleanses your hair of oil but also gets rid of the powdery residue of regular dry shampoo, too!

Microneedling supposedly makes our skin care products and serums work that much better. This one is highly rated and costs less than $20!

This phone sanitizer uses UV light to clean the germs off your phone. Seems like a great idea since I don't even want to think about the nasty stuff living on my phone!

One beauty product that is a concealer and highlighter all in one! And some even use it as a foundation, too. A great tool to keep in our five minute beauty toolkit.

Where would I be without my slow cooker?? Seriously wouldn't get dinner on the table some days if it weren't for this magic dinner-making machine. If a mom you know doesn't have one, fix that right now!


I'd love to ask all my mommy readers out there what items and products you swear by. Are sweaters with pockets as crucial for you as they are for me? Do you have a beauty product or kitchen gadget that makes your life that much easier?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this gift guide with your spouses, partners, family, and friends!


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